Another Round

Since I have been posting from the vaults, please permit me another round. For all I know, I have posted some of these previously, but since they were more or less ready to go, and I’m in a bit of a rush, here they are. I really just want to post something today because I won’t likely be able to for several days. They are all from 1976 0r 1977 as near as I can determine and are presented in possible sequential order.

Thesha reading to Susie

?? Thesha with our dog. Other than Susie, we’ve been a cat family. Thesha was reading in our sunporch, which had to be closed off in the cold weather. The couch in the background was a wedding gift from my parents seven or eight years before the picture was taken.

?? Thesha with her grandmother, apparently near Mom’s in May of 1976.

Thesha at her grandma's birthday

We still have that magnifying glass

?? My dad, the girls’ grampa, possibly also taken on grandma’s birthday weekend.

?? Grandma reading Thesha a story. I think that same book is on the shelf behind me right now. Sometimes, I read it to Nikki Dee.

Nursery Rhymes with Grandma

Learning to drive at an early age

?? We went to Centre Island in Toronto with some relatives. Thesha was quite intent on her driving.

?? A horseback ride on that same day. Her cousin is on the next horse.


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