My Babysitting Appliance

The kids seem to prefer watching videos on Buppa’s old laptop more than the tv. Mind you, the upstairs tv isn’t too much bigger than the laptop. They can get closer to the computer and seem to enjoy the experience. My laptop is old but it’s a big screen (for a laptop), and it has decent speakers.

As Zach enjoyed his lengthy, midday slumber the girl enjoyed some video time. ??

Really enjoyed it. ??

Once they were both up and few, both kids watched clips of themselves for awhile. I had wandered into the other room to check email etc on Thesha’s computer and was a little concerned to see them both sprawled on the table in an effort to get at or close to my laptop. Officially, “We were not amused,” but unofficially, in our heart of hearts, we were. ??

This is a representative clip of what they were viewing at the time. Nikki Dee was requesting singing videos. It took old Buppa awhile to figure out that she wanted to see a series of Thanksgiving videos like the one below. She was being a little manic at the time: really enjoying the attention, and she loves to watch herself, which I guess is typical of us all. ??

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