My Dear, Sweet Neti

It’s true; there’s a new love in my love, and I have come to cherish the moments that we spend together every day. Like all loves, she does get up my nose from time to time, but our relationship remains committed.

Yes folks, I admit to having fallen for Neti, and the fact that she is a little potty simply makes her all that more precious to me.

Last winter I experienced multiple bouts of ear and sinus problems and found that my body doesn’t get along well with all of the decongestants that I was forced to swallow. Neither did I much like being force fed antibiotics on a regular basis. So, this autumn I invited Neti into my life, and, so far, I am happy to say that she makes a difference.

After few intimate moments with Neti, I find that I can breathe easier. It’s a good feeling to take those clear, unsnottified breaths let me tell ya.

I know that getting so excited about these short trysts makes an AC’s life seem rather empty, but I am deeply appreciative that it’s really my sinus cavities that are empty — even though as is true about intimate moments in general, the relief is only temporary.

It’s fair to say that my morning moments with Neti have become an eagerly anticipated highlight of my dreary days.

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