Flowers in the Snow

Last night, around 8:30, we picked up the phone to fine a somewhat disturbed Nikki Dee on the line. It was bedtime, and she wanted someone other than the babysitter to comfort here. As luck would have it, Cuppa was just then getting ready to head over there to pick up something or other to do with Halloween. However, when I explained that to Nikki, she began to wail that she wanted Buppa to come over too.

So, out we went, me just in a my slippers (Crocs actually), into the snow. In my slippers and … surprise, surprise … into the snow. Wet snow. Me in slippers (Crocs actually). My feet didn’t get too wet while I was scraping the car, but still … it was snowing, and I was in my slippers (Crocs actually).

As soon as we arrived to placate the impy doodle, I took her to the front door and shower her the snow. Nikki Dee: “Is it Christmas?” Well, isn’t that cute?

Between Buppa and Amma, she was sound asleep within about a half hour. And home we went. Through the snow. Me in my slippers (Crocs actually).

And this is what it looked like this morning from the upstairs window.

It looks like Christmas flowers in the snow, but these geraniums be long gone come Christmas. Hopefully, this particular accumulation of snow will also soon be gone, for it’s too early for it to stay, y’know: two weeks to a month too early based on the five winters that we’ve experienced here. Hope so. Winter is long enough as it is.

And they’re not actually Crocs, not actually despite all of my actuallys. They’re a knockoff called Frogs, actually. Actually Frogs is what I actually and factually mean.

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