It’s Not From Holland

So you see it there to the bottom left? Yes siree, sitting on my shelf among other keepsakes is a desktop calendar all the way from Holland The Netherlands. It came from Mara who, as the top-rated bus driver in Holland The Netherlands, really gets around. In the calendar are twelve photos that Mara has taken on her journeys.

She sent it because I left a comment at the appropriate time. This is the third parcel that I have received from fellow bloggers over the years, the others being a piece of pottery from Dave and a cookbook from Donna. Early on in this blogs life, I also exchanged postcards with some in a little experiment that was only moderately successful. In addition, there has been some exchanging of Christmas cards, but I think it’s a little too early to think about that little thing yet this year.

Thank you, Mara for gifting this poor Canadian all of the way from Holland The Netherlands: it’s very well done and much appreciated.

And if anybody else feels like sending … oh … nevermind …

As for the title and the strikeouts, that’s one of the many things that I have learned from Mara. Apparently, Holland is only a part of The Netherlands. I always wondered about that, and I’m being serious — for once.

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2 Responses to It’s Not From Holland

  1. Peggy Jones says:

    Whew, A/C scared me for a few minutes. I thought you were on your way out, into never, neverland. I am giving this a try. I don’t thing I will have any trouble following you even though I am an old geezer with Blogger. I redid my template too and not up to actually switching servers yet. Just keep the fun things coming. LOL

  2. Mary G says:

    Well, my new fact for the day. Now if I could find the Latin motto of the Royal Canadian Air Force I could finish the Post crossword.

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