The Hand of the Uncle

When I wrote the Hand of the Grandchild two posts back, I sure didn’t intend to make a series of it, but I have this picture hanging in my den in the same frame as the other two, so I will draw attention to it in passing.

With Uncle Charlie

With Uncle Charlie in Montreal: probably Christmas 1954

My family was small on both sides: both in numbers and size. My father was an only and my mother had just one sibling: Charlie, who never married. We lived with Grampa Arthur and Uncle Charlie for about a five year stretch until I was about seven years old.

I was very fond of Uncle Charlie. He was fun and joked around with me. I think his influence may have been important in my development since I also have a bit of a sense of humour.

Uncle Charlie was a runt, not even five foot tall, so you can tell that I was pretty young and little in the photo. Everyone in my family, except my maternal grandfather was short, my dad being the tallest at about 5’4″. How I got to be almost 6’2″ must be attributed to Grandfather Arthur’s genes that skipped a generation.

Charlie died of heart problems when he was just in his early fifties, and his passing was quite grievous to me. But I remember him fondly, and that photo is a fave: as is the next one.

With Grandpa and Frisky

AC with his only tall parent or grandparent, Grampa Arthur who was 5'10" or 5'11" and Skippy the terrier who was much shorter. Taken in Montreal, circa 1952

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10 Responses to The Hand of the Uncle

  1. Mara says:

    I’m the opposite: I am the smallest of my whole paternal family of around forty people! Not by much, but both my grandmother and my grandfather were tall people.

    I love those old photos, keep them coming (with the stories of course).

  2. Diana says:

    I can clearly see your grandchildren in your young face AC. I think that a good sense of humor is one of the greatest gifts that we can give. Thank God that your uncle passed that on to you or I may not be here! LOL!!!
    We have a pretty small family too. It must have been quite a challenge for my son when he married into a HUGE, HUGE family ten years ago! He has seemed to adapted pretty well! It’s fun seeing your old family photos. I love B & W’s!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Peggy Jones says:

    Well A/C I came right to this blog this time. Things are hunky dorey. I loved the posts about your family. Always like to get to know my blog buddies better. Those would be great for Sepia Saturday too.

  4. Ginnie Dean says:

    These three posts and the pictures are wonderful…especially the picture of you with your Patenal grandmother Phillis !! As we grow older I think we are blessed if we can get back to those innocent years when we were children … I have been able to do this with the AA program and it is such a freeing experience. I think it all boils down to “love” and it shows in abundance with your photos & words.

  5. D3 says:

    I’ve looked at that photo of you in the skates quite often. It’s comforting to know that the memories we have as kids will last us our whole lives….well, comforting with respect to some memories. I think I’ve blocked out as many things as I remember…but I’m sure there was an evolutionary purpose to that so it’s probably a good thing. Those photos are amazing…I’ve seen a few photos of my dad and his sister and it’s hard to believe they were ever that young. Don’t you wish you had photos of your dad when he was little?

    And one more thing….if you don’t do a post on the Hands of the Aunties I am going to be extremely disappointed!!!!!

  6. Miss Nikki looks Just Like You did, as a wee one!
    Great and precious shots Ac!

  7. Hilary says:

    Height genes are so much less important than decent humour genes. I love the photos.. you in your Candiens shirt and on those steep, welcoming steps to a Montreal dwelling.

  8. AC, this series of postscontinue to be enjoyable both in reading about your family and especially in seeing the images. Thanks for sharing your past with all of us and will look forward to more posts.

  9. Lorna says:

    I love these bouts of nostalgia. Don’t go fighting them off.

  10. Bernie says:

    Oh this is great AC, your grandchildren will enjoy these post in years to come. All my siblings are tall…….then there is me 5`2.
    I still like you even though your a Canadian fan, my nephew is one of the biggest Montreal Canadian fans ever!……:-) Hugs

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