The Hand of the Father

Hah! That title sounds pretty darn religious, but it’s just in keeping with the past few posts. I came home from babysitting right knackered last night, but as I lay there trying to have a little nap before supper, I remembered this picture, taken at the same time as with Uncle Charlie in the previous post. I hadn’t realized that this or the next picture existed until recently when I was flipping through my mother’s photo album. So. of course, that was the end of my nap.

Because I am tired and because all of these pictures are new scans, as opposed to those of the previous few which I already had on hand, I’m going to put these up without any comment to speak of. But I really had a dopey look on my face in this first photo. Perhaps, Christmas had gotten the best of me by then. Meanwhile, Dad wasn’t such a bad looking fellow.

With Dad

Connaught Street, Montreal (St Laurent), 1954

The Sweather

I look a little happier in this photo. Clearly, however, no one had shown me how to hold a hockey stick in any of these photos

With Dad

Since this post is titled The Hand of the Father, I thought this photo should be included although I guess it's really the Hat of the Father. Gananoque, Ontario 1948

With Dad

Probably taken in 1949 when I was two years old or thereabouts. I do believe that it was taken in Montreal.

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7 Responses to The Hand of the Father

  1. These are Wonderful!! Dad was a Very nice looking man…and you were such a Pretty child! Your grandbabies look just like you!

  2. D3 says:

    Great photos, Dad. But we want to see [chanting] the hand of the aunties!!! The hand of the aunties!!! We want to see…the hand of the aunties!!!

  3. Bernie says:

    Love these photo’s AC, and really like your trousers in the last picture. I remember my brothers dressing this way……:-)Hugs

  4. Mara says:

    You could saw logs with those sharp pleats in your trousers!

  5. Hilary says:

    There’s such a nostalgic feel to these photos.. even though they go back a bit farther than I do.

  6. Still enjoying this series, AC.

  7. Diana says:

    I love these photos AC! In the first one your father looked like an actor! You looked as though you were awakened from a nap, or perhaps a good nights sleep! You never did tell us how long you ended up playing hockey?! Love Di ♥

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