Oh No, Not Done After All

I’m sure you’ve all had enough or more than enough of ye olde photo album for now, so, I promise that this is it for the nonce ā€” whatever the heck the nonce is. What can I say though, except that these pictures were on the same pages of the photo album as those in the last two posts, so I thought I might as well haf dun wif ’em.

For those of you who have been wondering if I had a mother, here is proof, from a front yard in Gananoque, 62 years ago. You would think that it would have been a November picture, but the album says that it was Christmas. There’s not much snow, so it was an unusual Christmas for these parts if the album note is correct. Oddly enough, Gananoque is not all that far from where we now reside. My dad was pastoring a church there during these first few years of my life. (Oh shoot. This makes me think that I must now go and find a photo of the church.)

AC with Mom

Mom and little AC, probably in November 1948 in Gananoque, Ontario.

Hold on while I go looking. Sigh and groan, Get out the photo album one more time. Scan. Process. Upload to Flickr. Grab the link. Post here. Life is so hard. šŸ˜‰ Here’s the church.

Dad's Church

This church was being built when Dad was pastoring in Gananoque.

The next two must have been snapped in 1949 or possibly in 1950. I’m fairly certain that they were both taken in Montreal and almost positive that the second was taken at the front of my [maternal] grandfather’s house. I don’t know if we were living with grampa yet, but, if not, we would have moved in with him and Uncle Charlie shortly afterward.


Kids and hats. Given my impish look, I must have thought the hat made me look pretty cool.


I'm fairly sure this was taken in front of my grandfather's house where we lived from about this time until I was seven years old.

The next one is certainly out of sequence, but this is the way my mother had her photo album arranged, so I’ll go with the flow. She made a mistake in the album, however, when she said that I was off to scout camp in this picture because this is my cub uniform, and I didn’t go to camp as a cub. This photo was developed in August of 1958, so I was just about to turn eleven. I am skinny in the picture. This is how I remember myself in my boyhood years; I have been surprised by how chubby was when I was younger ā€” as in the previous photo.


I was a wolf cub seconder in 1958. I became a sixer shortly after that, before moving on to scouts for a few years.

Done ā€” until next time the spirit of nostalgia sweeps me up in its warm and tender embrace.

Update: It has come to pass that since I wrote this supposed last post in this series, I have been cajoled into doing one more. Hence the title. Stay tuned.

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12 Responses to Oh No, Not Done After All

  1. Loving that Hat!Hahaaa……And the look. You were a good looking young boy Ac….And I like the top of the church building?!! Almost looks like a castle…
    Happy weekend!

  2. Mara says:

    I love those old photos and the stories that go with them. And I think that one day your grandchildren will love them too! Get these stories printed out and keep them.

  3. Dimple says:

    Hi, I came over from Kay’s. I really like these old photos and stories. I have just started a blog devoted to the same sorts of things called Family Story. Come on over if you’re interested!

  4. Ac you were one good looking little kid and loved seeing your mom to round out the family pics. Now how about a photo of the completed church in the future?

  5. QMM says:

    I love the photos. I was amazed you noticed my uncle’s snappy shoes in my Sepia Saturday. He was a fashion hottie for sure. All of my uncles were. All lady killers. You were quite the little man too in the good ole days. LOL

  6. Diana says:

    Your mother was very beautiful AC. And what a skinny thing you were, but cute!
    I love the church. I wonder if it’s still there and what it looked like when it was finished?
    Love Di ā™„

  7. D3 says:

    You really did look super cool in that hat!! The best part of these photos is always the fashion of the times.

  8. Bernie says:

    I loved seeing you, your mother and the dog, your mom looks so happy. That is such a cute picture of you AC, and dressed so smartly too…….:-)Hugs

  9. Hilary says:

    I’m quite enjoying your bout of nostalgia. It’s fun looking back on old pics.. no matter whose. I love the argyle-like pattern on your little sweater. So cute.

  10. Doris says:

    I love looking at the old pictures. Children are lucky today in that they will have lots to look at in the future!

  11. Kila says:

    I always enjoy your photos and stories šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  12. Mary G says:

    Great hat! You are doing a great grandfather’s record series here. I do that from time to time and I am now contemplating getting the first couple of years of the blog printed – cranky old lady does not trust on-line storage.

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