Baby It’s Cold Inside

Cuppa and I, both trending towards hot, are both happy to sleep in a cool place. But getting up before the place has heated up properly can be a bit problematic, so AC tends to layer up.

And when one is hairless on top, baby it’s not only cold inside, but it’s really cold on top. Sometimes, I simply have to dig out my hoodie.

Cold Morning

Looking Monkish in the A.M.

Please join me in that Christmas Classic, Baby It’s Cold Outside Inside, with the second verse being, AC Is Cold Up Top.

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8 Responses to Baby It’s Cold Inside

  1. Lorna says:

    One word: Gangsta!

  2. Bernie says:

    Good Morning AC, it is like summer here now, would you believe -7 feels absolutely balmy……Big Hugs:-)

  3. Mara says:

    Well, no wonder you’re cold if you have the AC on…. in all seasons!

  4. AC, Hate to tell you that we are in Georgia and enjoying 70-degree weather for this Thanksgiving holiday – no cold weather here.

  5. June Kellum says:

    You look toasty warm in that pic! I like it!


  6. Ruth says:

    lol! I like to sleep with the window open a crack and my husband, who is an advanced baldy has taken to wearing a toque to bed. My mom lost all her hair with chemo this summer and was most uncomfortable at night without a cap on…she felt drafty even though Mexico is warm.

  7. D3 says:

    Haha….wearing your hood up like that reminds me of our last campfire at RW where we it was so cold and we had to turn the heat up really high….really, really high in fact!

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