In Appreciation and Anticipation

Oddly enough the sun is shining, despite the fact that we have a snow covering over top of a layer of freezing rain. This is fine by me because Friday is our day to relax in the morning as I sit at the computer checking a few blogs while sipping coffee and munching muffins. It’s the simple things, eh. Which is a good thing for a simple-minded soul such as I.

It must have been quite a blustery and stormy night, but the good thing is that I was sleeping well enough to be unaware of the atmospheric chaos. What I was aware of, however, was the state of my bed covers. Honestly, to regard the haphazard array of my sheets and blankets in the morning, you’d think I wrestled with the devil all night long. They’re all over the place: sheets hanging off one side of the bed and blankets off the other. That’s despite trying to groggily tidy and re-arrange the covers several times during the night.

Although the guy across the street who’s been chipping ice off his car for the past fifteen minutes might not agree, I am somewhat pleased to gaze through the pane to see what Nature hath wrought. When I brought the morning paper in, I saw and appreciated ice glistening off the neighbor’s tree. And since it’s the Santa parade tomorrow een (a word which I must used since my crossword goddess keeps using it as a poetic version of evening), it seems pleasantly synchronous to see a bit of snow out there — even though it might be gone by parade time.

Yes indeedy, tomorrow begins the Yuletide season in earnest. We’ll gather at Thesha’s to trim her tree in our annual festive family event before we trundle downtown to take in the parade, which is held under lights, just after darkness descends. Nikki Dee should love it even more than last year, and Zachary will take it in for the first time.

Santa Claus Parade

A blurry view of the fine ambiance of our main street just before the parade began last year.

Come Sunday, our well met blog friend, Lorna, and her husband, Dave, will join us for a studio tour that will include Cuppa’s favorite jewelry-maker, Twisted Sister [sic]. (I would like to find a neat word for jewelry-maker, but Google is being decidedly and deucedly unhelpful this morning). Both Cuppa and Lorna are trinketish-baublish sorts of gals, but I wonder if Dave might wish to play a game of chess to pass the tedious-for-males hours. Kidding. Afterward, we’ll return here for some some sustenance and who knows what else.

Dogging it at the Parade

Nikki Dee's first Santa parade in '07

Santa Claus Parade

Nikki Dee at last year's parade in '09.

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3 Responses to In Appreciation and Anticipation

  1. Bernie says:

    Has our cold weather headed your way AC, we are having another lovely day today and it is suppose to stay nice until next weekend and then we have another Arctic Freeze moving over…ugggggggg! Tomorrow evening is Lighting Up Morinville night, it is always fun. Enjoy your day off and the parade…..:-)Hugs

  2. Lorna says:

    Trinket-laden and bauble-bedecked, I am also looking forward to our day on Sunday. Chess, you say? Aren’t you going to be sneaking peeks at the Grey Cup?

  3. D3 says:

    I love that pink hat ND is wearing! I have a similar one but in blue. And why pass the time playing chess when you could be doing cryptic crosswords???

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