It’s Happened Again

Note: Yesterdays post on absent-mindedness reminded me of a previous post on the same topic over on good, old Raindrops. While I didn’t find the one I was looking for, I did find this one posted just last January. Oddly enough, Dave and Lorna, were part of that event as they were yesterdays when, in part at least, I was shopping for their visit today. While I edited the text a little, this is essentially what I posted on Raindrops on January 13 2010. (I would link you back to Raindrops, but I’ve coded Raindrops to automatically divert people here to The AC is On, so you would simply end up back here where you started.)

Since my loved ones frequently enjoy a good laugh at my expense, I might as well toss a snicker-worthy tidbit your way.

I told you that we went to visit Lorna and Dave on the weekend, and I told you that it was cold out, but that we still bundled up and went for a walk. I think I even told you that I wore long johns.

What I didn’t tell you is that I left them — the long johns — behind. I can try to tell you that it was an act of kindness to help keep Dave or Lorna warm through the rest of the bleak winter, but I’m sure they have their own warmer-thingies, and probably only want to handle mine while wearing latex gloves.

I didn’t tell you this in the previous post. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know. But after I received a very funny ransom note from Lorna, I did know. Apparently, Lorna has joined the throngs who enjoy a chuckle over AC’s absent-mindedness.

Of course, my loving kin were kind enough to remind me of the time when I left a goodly number of apparel-ish items at a hotel after a conference. There was a suit, which I sort of remembered when they brought it up, but they also claimed that there was underwear and socks and such. The suit had been left hanging in the cupboard, but Cuppa recalls that the other items were found on the floor behind a chair.

But you know, I cannot be held totally responsible for that particular breakdown either. It all began when four male teachers were booked into one hotel room with only two beds. Pity AC, who could picture himself hugging his bedmate (so to speak) in his sleep, and therefore decided that his best bet was to sleep on the floor. Fortunately, he managed to do just that for he was still youngish of body at the time.

Come the next night, another room was made available when several speakers who had finished their presentations departed early. Of course, this only happened at bedtime, so I hurriedly grabbed what things I could think of and scurried off to my new digs, never thinking to go back to the old room and looking around before checking out the next day. I really think that under the circumstances such a tiny oversight is quite understandable.

So, really: leaving my underwear behind only twice in more than six decades really isn’t so bad. Please tell me that you agree.

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5 Responses to It’s Happened Again

  1. QMM says:

    One thing about you though A/C is you always tell the truth. LOL. Forget the underwear, tell the truth.

  2. Twice in a lifetime?? Hahahaaaa…..

  3. Bernie says:

    Oh this is funny….lol

  4. Lorna says:

    I never sent you a ransom note—that must have been Evilorna.

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