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Meetings and Partings in 2010

As Old Man 2010 and his scythe are about to fade out, I am reminded of two bloggers who have passed on this years and two bloggers whom we have had the pleasure to meet. It looked somewhat promising for … Continue reading

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You may notice that this site has suddenly and somewhat prematurely reverted to pre-Christmas theme. The reason is that Dunderheaded AC came perilously close to trashing his whole blog. I should have known better than to try to do a … Continue reading

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Christmas Photos

Before I forget completely, here are a few photos from Christmas — some from the Eve and some from the Day. I don’t think you require my commentary for this lot. 🙂 For any family and friends who wish to … Continue reading

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Blizzard Time Lapse

I just saw this time-lapse clip of the current east coast blizzard although I don’t know exactly where it was shot. It consists of shots taken over a 20 hour period. It’s only 38 seconds long, and I thought some … Continue reading

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Ghostly Visitations

I took a break from blogging yesterday. I could have posted this one then, but I just hate to get into too deep of a rut. Having set some sort of record (for me) by posting for 32 days in … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

While I don’t expect anybody to be reading blogs on Christmas Day, I thought I’d wish you Merry Christmas regardless. Enjoy the gifts if that’s what you do, and/or the meal, and/or time shared with those special people. However you … Continue reading

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A Singer and a Song

Today, on the day of Christmas Eve (awkward I know, but I don’t know how a whole day can be called an eve), I am going to present a lesser known Canadian, Heather Dale, singing a lesser known Christmas song, … Continue reading

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