Nuts Again

Last night, I yet again and quite unexpectedly had those nuts in my hand.

Stop it!

You remember that jar of nuts that I found in my hand at the end of my Channeling My Inner Professor post?

Yes! We’re talking about those nuts: the ones that I found in my cart in the checkout line.

I was reading Louise Penny’s latest whodunit set in the mythical town of Three Pines in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, almost adjacent to the American border.

In Three Pines, there is a delightful bistro where mouth-watering treats are served.

Once previously, whilst involved in one of Penny’s earlier Inspector Gamache novels and reading one too-many accounts of the bistro’s food, which sometimes includes nuts and wine, I bounded downstairs to treat myself to the same. That was awhile ago, but last night as I was reading The Brutal Telling, I was drawn back to the very same sin.

The wine glasses were all in the dishwasher, so feeling that to be a divine sign admonishing me not to go overboard I decided to forgo the wine. However, I gleefully secreted the jar of cashews upstairs and munched and read under my blanket as happy as a clam (me, not the blanket).

Having read the series, both Cuppa and Lorna will surely understand how such a compunction might overtake me, even though they have much more willpower than I.

Alas. I really should have washed out a wine glass too.

In finding Louise Penny’s website so I could link you to it, I found the following information about The Brutal Telling. Doesn’t it make you want to track down a copy?

We’ve had some wonderful news. THE BRUTAL TELLING (book 5 in the Gamache series) has won the 2010 Anthony Award for Best Crime Novel in the United States! What an astonishing moment that was. And continues to be.

THE BRUTAL TELLING has also won the Agatha Award for Best Traditional Mystery in the US (the first series in history to win three Agathas in a row).

And was named by Dorothy L the most popular crime fiction book of the year.

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One Response to Nuts Again

  1. Ginnie Dean says:

    I’ve noticed that you are a bit more risque with this new blog, AC…..hmmmmm.

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