Tree Decorating Party Vol I

Before the parade on Saturday, Thesha had Cuppa and me over for the annual tree-decorating party. At one time, Cuppa used to hostess this event. My parents would come over for the afternoon and Val would drive up from Brantford. Now Thesha continues the tradition, and we are the ones to do the visiting. I am beginning to think that as finely synchronous as it is to trim the tree and then go to the parade, that perhaps the two events should be separated.

I am posting a bunch of pictures below, but to keep the numbers down a little, I’ll just post those that include either Cuppa or me or both of us. We’ll do the rest tomorrow or most of the rest.

The first batch of photos were taken before we headed downstairs to do decorate the tree.

Tree Decorating Party

Tree Decorating Party

Tree Decorating Party

Tree Decorating Party

Tree Decorating Party

Now we’re down doing the tree.

Tree Decorating Party

Tree Decorating Party

Tree Decorating Party

Tree Decorating Party

We watched Polar Express for awhile before heading to the parade.

Tree Decorating Party

Tree Decorating Party

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7 Responses to Tree Decorating Party Vol I

  1. Sue says:

    A bit behind on my blog-reading, I found this via the Raindrops blog, which I’m still following via Google Reader. Good to know you haven’t given up blogging… I love your photos, and feel I almost know your family after all these years. I’ve now subscribed to this blog and look forward to many more years of reading… even though I will mostly just read via Google Reader, and probably won’t comment very often. Wishing you a very happy Christmas season…

  2. Wonderful photos Ac! Looks and sounds like a great tradition!

  3. Bernie says:

    I think this is a wonderful tradition AC, and to think Nikki Dee and Jboy will continue on (if they choose) must be very rewarding. I think tradition is very important.

  4. Diana says:

    I can feel the anticipation! Now I will have to go on to part two! Polar Express is my very favorite modern day Christmas movie. It is so magical!
    Love Di ♥

  5. D3 says:

    Oh Mom, you look so beautiful!!!! So nice to finally see a picture of you for a change!!!! And were you drinking a beer in one of those photos, too?? Have one for me too!

  6. D3 says:

    Ok – I clearly thought I was reading mom’s blog for a second. Your photos are similar so I got them confused. You are beautiful too, dad!!

  7. D3 says:

    I tried to write “you are beautiful too, Dad” but your blog won’t let me because it says I’ve already said that. I hadn’t…but now I actually have said it twice since it wouldn’t post the first time!

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