Fly Flu, Fly

AC is checking in today as a very weary warrior.

What a week! The grands started it off copious amounts of projectile vomiting. Not to be outdone, Daddy decided to get into the act.

By Wednesday, the flu hit AC. It came down on me when I was doing a long stint of babysitting. I just wanted to be left on my own, but the kids were exceptionally active that day. They couldn’t settle to anything for more than a few minutes, before it was, “Buppa, I want to …” I barely made it through, which I guess isn’t true, but that’s how I felt.

The kids tried to make alternate childcare arrangements for Thursday but couldn’t manage, so Cuppa took a long shift whilst AC recuperated. Unlike most normal humans, I don’t tend to sleep all that well when I’m sick, but I surprised myself by nodding off for three hours in my easychair.

Cuppa had told me to stay home all day, but I couldn’t bear to leave her hanging like that, so I managed to relieve her at 2:30 for the final three hours of our stint. Good thing as she was at the end of her tether by then, for she had also come down with the bug.

Thank heaven for small mercies; today is our off day, and we’re both sitting around feeling wiped and doing as little as possible but also figuring that we’ll probably miss the Light Up The Night celebrations again this year. But we’re on the mend. Unlike Zach and Nikki Dee, we never lost our lunch, but also unlike them, it is taking us a little while to recover.

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9 Responses to Fly Flu, Fly

  1. Judy says:

    Ugh. And so it’s begun. Winter and all of its germs.
    Take care.

  2. Bernie says:

    I am sorry to learn that the flu has arrived at your home, not fun! Everyone around here seems to be getting it as well so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t visit me.
    Stay warm my friend and wishing you and Cuppa to get well very soon….:-)Hugs

  3. Donna says:

    Oh no!! Hope you get on the mend Soon!! Rest!

  4. Col says:

    Oh my… that sounds awful! No fun… that is for sure. Glad to hear you’re starting to feel better.

  5. Hilary says:

    Oh poor you. It’s exhausting enough to be sick but to have to look after the wee ones just makes it so much worse. I’m glad you and yours are on the mend. Take good care.

  6. Felling good until I read about your misery and Cuppa’s as well. Flu season has hit you earlier than in our area and hope it doesn’t come around here anytime soon. Hope you are both feeling better with lots of rest over the weekend. Just catching up on blog reading and enjoyed the tree decorating series – nice shots of a good looking family – and the tree looked good too!

  7. Sue Risk says:

    Hi, sorry to hear you’ve all been ill.
    If you check my website (posted with this) I write up alternate medicines for everyone. I also had flu like that as soon as we moved to Kanata, and I found that using a combination of ginger ale (ginger chewable gravol, too, or generic gravol) as well as these three supplements, three times a day for three days helps immensely. These are (of course) vitamin C pills, Evening Primrose oil (or Boracelle, GLA for Borage) and Mallow root (also in caps form the health food store).
    Doctors say that EPO and Vitamin C should not be taken together and are too antibiotic, but, in the case of aerogenetic viridiae like the swine or bird flu, this combination kills infection, and, especially, the mallow soothees the aerogenetic celles out of your organs, where the bowel disruption will have jetted them. It’s why, sometimes, the flu keeps recurring. Coupled with all this (because it is terribly harmful) I put a capful of Dettol in a floral spray bottle and spray every doorknob, light switch and piece of porcelain I can find, because it touches up

    Aerogenes are virus formations which massively swell up, like balloons. Because they can replicate some cells into five inch long collagen forms through their actions, those forms disrupt the bowel. When it is uncontrollable like that, some of the fluids literally invade your organs, so cleanup cannot be too good, except that too much use of Dettol is not recommended.
    I am taking time to write this because I do not think Doctors offer enough home support for this type of wretched flu.

    Wishing you and your beautiful family a very happy (and healthy) holiday, Sue

  8. June Kellum says:


    I hope you’re all feeling much better by now!

    Loved seeing the kiddies all bundled up and playing in the snow! (in post above this one)

    Take care!


  9. D3 says:

    Woah…..nothing fun about projectile vomiting, no matter who it comes out of. Hope you and mom get better soon!!

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