Saturday Snaps

It’s been a long time since I shared pictures of the grandkids — at least six minutes 🙂 — so here are a few snaps from the past week. You’re welcome.

Zach in the Bureau

This bureau, once used by Cuppa and her siblings and later by our kids, is now being put to use by a third generation of kids.

Nikki Dee in the Bureau

Recently, this particular space has been emptied, and the kids seem to think that was a good idea.

Zach in the Hat

Both his Dad and his Buppa grew up in Montreal. He was French and I, English, but we both cheer for the Habs (Canadiens). We are working hard at indoctrinating another generation although it is possible that he could grow up to support the local team — the Senators. I wouldn't mind all that much, but Daddy might be miffed.

Trying to Build a Snowman

At least in terms of snowfall, winter has not come early this year, so Nikki Dee didn't have much to work with when she tried to build a snowman. Poor kid. I suppose if it's going to be winter anyway, we might as well have snow.

Zach in the Hood

As cold as it gets, or almost, kids can bundle up and have fun outdoors — at least if they can be persuaded to stay out for more than three minutes, which they had better do seeing how long it takes us to get them ready to go out.

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5 Responses to Saturday Snaps

  1. Cute pictures Ac! And I suppose it IS time for snow…
    Hope you two are feeling much better today!!

  2. Hilary says:

    Those kidlets are just adorable. They have one proud grandfather making sure the world shares in enjoying those faces.

  3. Bernie says:

    Not much snow yet I see, wait for it, I’m sure it will be there soon. Great photos AC, I enjoy seeing the children as often as you post their pictures. Just too cute…Hugs

  4. Mara says:

    That’s the easy part about cats: they’ve got their coat on all the time. It only takes them two seconds to go outside (and less to come back inside)…

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