A Major Passage

Having been moved to share Thesha’s wedding pictures with you, I sent myself back to the very early days of my Raindrops blog. I haven’t done enough browsing of my own blogs lately, and I should because it’s good to be reminded of where we have been, which may assist us in knowing where we’re headed. From time to time, I plan to re-post some Raindrops musings over here: sometimes slightly edited. This one was originally posted by the same title on June 10 2004.

Early tomorrow, we will set out across province to get to my daughter’s, Thesha’s, wedding. With a sidetrip to Hamilton to pick up Aldee, our other daughter, we are looking at spending probably more than eight hours in the car. I will need more than a few breaks to rest and stretch my creaking, achy body.

I picked up the tux yesterday. My wife says that I look nice in it, but I can’t help but wonder when, for men, dressing up will mean something other than wearing basic black?

My garb for both the rehearsal and morning-after breakfast will be much more me. I was going to say that I can’t remember the last time that I wore a suit, but I guess it was over a year ago at my mother’s funeral. We dress for weddings, wakes and funerals, eh. I wonder who buys all of the suits, starchy shirts and ties that line the racks at men’s clothing stores?

My daughter is getting married in two days, so why haven’t I blogged about this before? Perhaps it’s easier to blog about little things: passing thoughts, little impressions. Truth be told though, I am very comfortable with this marriage, very much at peace. Thesha is mature, sensible, has long since left the nest, and has chosen a great person to be her partner. I have neither angst nor sense of loss, just the sense that a circle is being fittingly closed.

A wedding is just another of life’s natural passages. I have learned to embrace these passages: might as well because I can’t stop them and wouldn’t if I could. By definition, life is passage. My life began because someone else made the transition into parenthood. And what passage of mine would I wish to have forfeited: going to college; getting married; starting my career; having children; retiring? None of these! I have yet to make a passage that does not enhance me in some way.

My own life has now is on the cusp of passing from summer into fall. But autumn is perhaps my favourite season. It has a beauty that is all its own: a beauty unlike any other season and unmatched by any other season. I expect that winter will have it’s charms too, but, for now, I revel in the changing of the leaves of my life.

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7 Responses to A Major Passage

  1. QMM says:

    Missed a couple post. The wedding pictures are lovely. Everyone looks top notch. Family is the most important thing in the world. It does seem funny not to see Nikki Dee and the little fellla in the pictures. They were just a speck in mom and dad’s eye. That is what my gmother always said.

  2. AC, a very eloquent post on feelings and thoughts before an imortant family celebration. I especially liked the comparison of your life with the changing seasons. And even thought this post contained no photos (a rarity here) the words were sufficient to get the message across.

  3. Col says:

    Lovely repost AC. Sometimes I liken blogging to taking photographs… “taking moments out of time and holding them still.” Memories of thoughts and times.

  4. Lorna says:

    this was a post from before I’d first read you. I love learning about Thesha’s wedding as you were already a grandparent when we “met”. From the depth of midwinter, I have looked back on my late fall, and from your perspective, find it charming.

  5. Bernie says:

    I have often compared my own life with the seasons and I think I am now on the cusp of Fall into Winter and it is okay……like you say it is the way of life. We all have our seasons and each one has been beautiful with challenges as well.
    I love how you accepted life as is, “you get it” my friend and your family and friends are the better for it.

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