Has it really been four days since I posted pictures?Gasp!  For shame, AC!

Lately, Nikki Dee has been visiting a friend for an afternoon or two each week. This is both good and bad. It’s bad because afternoons are my time with the kids, and I miss out. But it’s good because it gives her company of her own age, and it gives Buppa a slight break.

She needs to take things with her, such as slippers for indoor play and snowsuit pants for outdoor play … and who knows what else. In the event, Mom bought her a backpack to tote these necessities of life. Except when I first put in on her the other day, I had to chuckle as she walked up the street toting a bag that was half as big as she. Yesterday, I remembered to take pictures. Don’t feel too badly for her; it’s really light, and she carries it without a problem.

On Her Way

On Her Way

On Her Way

When I got back into the house after watching her walk safely up the street, Zach was demanding his Buppa, for he awoke somewhat prematurely from his nap. Since we were both somewhat grumpy men, me old and he young, I decided that we should get out of the house. So, we went grocery shopping and both the young and old guy were soon happy and not grumpy.

An Afternoon With the Boy

Then, we drove to the library. I had a book to pick up, and he had many chairs to check out. Oddly enough, he likes to look at books at home, but at the library? Forget it!

An Afternoon With the Boy

An Afternoon With the Boy

An Afternoon With the Boy

An Afternoon With the Boy

An Afternoon With the Boy

This is the outside view from the children’s corner of the library. We haven’t had much snow in total, but I’ve had to shovel a little every morning this week so far. This being our first week of December, I am resigned to it sticking and us being white-covered until late March. We are also expecting our first major dumping on the weekend, so there may be some interesting pics to share early next week. I don’t mind the snow at this time of year; it’s nice for Christmas, and November was kind to us afterall.

Winter View

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5 Responses to Gasp!

  1. Mara says:

    Backpack, where are you going with that girl?

  2. The photos are adorable! That backpack Is almost bigger than she is!Hahaa
    Thank goodness for toys in the library…they Never want to read when you go there…

  3. Lorna says:

    I was gasping too—I just didn’t know it till I saw pictures! I have a craving for that cocoonish hanging chair (adult size though)

  4. Kila says:

    LOL, Yes, I remember when my boys weren’t much bigger than their backpacks!

    How wonderful for Nikki Dee to have a friend to spend time with. I’m sure the little man loves having you all to himself!

    Wisconsin got away without snow in November, and as I type this they are having only their second snowfall this month (about 3 inches each time). They are expecting 5-10 inches of new snow this coming Saturday, LOL. No snow here in Florida!

  5. Bernie says:

    I so enjoy seeing Jboy with his grin, so very cute. Seeing Smudge walking with her back pack for a play date – I am watching this little grow up so quickly and she is adorable. Thank you for sharing your little blessings with us, I look so forward to your pictures….:-)Hugs

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