More Treasures

Alright, I lied. I said there were few treasures in that recently uncovered box. But as I look further, I admit to being wrong, which is particularly true for the picture below. Up until now, I only had one photo of my Great Grandmother Elizabeth (which I posted recently). Now, I have a second, taken with her daughter, Kate.

Grampa's Family

Great Grandmother Elizabeth and her daughter, Kate.

What I also know, from an obit that I also uncovered, is that she died on August 21 when she was 77 years old after an unspecified period of illness. There is no year on the clipping, but my dubious math skills inform me that it was probably 1926. Apparently she died in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, so she must have moved back from the Cromer area in Norfolk.

Her daughter, Kate, is standing with Elizabeth in the above photo and also below in front of the same house. According to a note on the back it was taken New Years Day, 1932: note the trace of snow. Apparently Kate never married, and would appear to be the one who sent these pictures. I do recall my mother periodically receiving letters from England way back when, so I suppose that at least some were from Kate. She looks quite a lot older in the picture below, but I doubt there could have been much more than a ten year difference from the previous photo.

Grampa's Family

Grand Aunt Kate, January 01 1932

Grampa's Family

A younger Kate

Grampa's Family

Grampa's older brother, Henry: 5 years older than my grandfather. From the obit (also in the box): "Deceased, who had been a cripple from the age of four years, had for a long time assisted Mr. H.S. Sanders (baker) in round work etc." He died at the age of 56.

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4 Responses to More Treasures

  1. Mara says:

    I love the difference in clothing: high necked blouses in the first photo and very loose fitting garments in the second. You can really see the times in those!

  2. Always like family history! Nice looking family!

  3. Bernie says:

    Is that snow on the ground AC – the older one of your Aunt Kate. Was your uncle in a wheel chair as you didn`t say how he was crippled only that he was when he was 4. Perhaps it was polio but I thought that disease came along later as in our age.
    I think it is great that you have these photo`s…….:-)Hugs

  4. QMM says:

    They are great pictures. She was a very stylish looking woman. I love the little house or flat or whatever it was called. I got a Christmas card from England today. How about that. Blogger buddy. Blessings of Christmas to you and yours.

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