What Have We Done?

Somebody seems to have finally figured out this camera business.




I think we’ve created a monster.

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9 Responses to What Have We Done?

  1. Nice captures of a very photogenic model, AC.

  2. KGMom says:

    Oh, my. Poses and all.
    Yes, indeed– better get the modeling agency numbers lined up.

  3. Bernie says:

    Your little angel has sprouted her wings, she is adorable…….:-)Hugs

  4. Annalyn says:

    that girl I like to photograph, I hope she lives nearby 🙂

  5. Mara says:

    Little Miss Pretty!

  6. June Kellum says:

    Oh! AC, These are adorable! Such a pretty little girl!! 🙂 Enjoy her! These early years with the ‘grands’ are the very best of times!!

  7. Col says:

    Canada’s Next Top Model. 🙂

  8. HAhahahahaa……i needed this…..

  9. Ruth says:

    Very cute…you may have to teach her to pose again when she is 12 years old or so and getting self conscious again. (But then, the teenagers I see on Facebook seem to love taking pictures of themselves)

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