Roger That!

I have recently posted a few seasonal songs that I have tracked down from my past. We never owned this recording, Hallelujah, by Roger Whittaker but whenever I’ve heard it I have liked it. So, I did order it from iTunes this year.

Along with my mother, we once heard Roger in concert. It was  his farewell tour, and he was no longer a strong singer — if he ever was — but it was still a pleasant evening. He was a good whistler: could do it both on intake and outtake, which not everybody can do.

The concert was my mother’s treat and came near the end of her days, so it’s a good memory.

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3 Responses to Roger That!

  1. QMM says:

    I remember him too. Great recording. Wonderful memory of time with your mom.

  2. June Kellum says:

    I enjoyed that.
    Happy you have this wonderful memory of time with your mom!


  3. Col says:

    I had heard the name but was unfamiliar with him. Love the song… love all Christmas songs. So many of them come wrapped in memories.

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