Ghostly Visitations

I took a break from blogging yesterday. I could have posted this one then, but I just hate to get into too deep of a rut. Having set some sort of record (for me) by posting for 32 days in a row (as well as 40 of the last 41 days), I decided to get the monkey off my back.

Besides I’m sick.

Just in time for Christmas, I came down with one of the worst colds that I’ve ever had. My head was so stuffed that I could barely brush my teeth because the only way that I could breathe was through my mouth. Just try simultaneously brushing and breathing sometime.

I did manage to hang in — sort of — through both Christmas Eve and Day despite my maladies and despite the absence of that modern convenience that we take for granted — running water. Indeed, in a nod to the Ghost of Christmas Past, the kids’ hot water tank blew on Thursday and spewed 45 gallons of water all over the place. So … the water to the house had to be shut off and the earliest that workmen could come to install a new heater was by noon on Christmas.

I would say that making do without running water and therefore being unable to flush toilets was a wonderful link with the past, but, although it might have been a link, it was anything but wonderful, let me tell ya. That Ghost of Christmas Past is a mean one.

However, the much friendlier Ghost of Christmas Present also paid us a visit, for Cuppa’s prize gift was certainly far removed from the past days of nostalgia.

Look Amma: A New Laptop!

Cuppa's Computer

Cuppa's Computer

Cuppa's Computer

This was Cuppa’s first brand new computer ever! In the past, she’s made do with my hand-me-downs, but I felt I had to bite the bullet because her (and my) old one was on its last metaphorical legs.

She was soon making way for the grandkids, however.

Cuppa's Computer

Cuppa's Computer

Cuppa's Computer

Cuppa's Computer

Fortunately, they got their own new laptops — sort of — so Amma was able to get back to her play work.

Cuppa's Computer

Then, in a nod to the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come, the kids decided to get Buppa up to futuristic speed.

Kids Computers

Naturally, I’ll be boring Blogdom with more Christmas pics for a few days. It’s what I do. 🙂

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12 Responses to Ghostly Visitations

  1. Diana says:

    Kindred spirits we are AC! I am still sick, Christmas was just sort of a blur. Couldn’t breath, bad cough, nausea, oh what fun!
    Good for Cuppa, it feels great getting your own computer! I used to have to share one with Katie, that was a pain. So that’s when I bought her one and one for me. I bought the 17 in. one and boy am I ever glad that I did!
    Cuppa will enjoy having her own, thats awesome! Love Di ♥
    P.S. I hope that you are feeling better than I am!

  2. AC, hope you are feeling better by the end of the year! Enjoyed the Christmas pics and the gifts seemed a BIG hit with everyone. It’s nice not to have to share ‘puters and getting a brand new one is a real treat! Happy New Year to you and yours. It’s been fun reading your blog(s) this year and thanks for all the comments on ours as well. See you in online in 2011 !

  3. Lorna says:

    You don’t look like a sick person! I’d be redfaced and swollen and saggy-eyed. The nostalgia was not of the glowing and warm kind, but next year, it might seem amusing.
    As always, the photos are great.

  4. QMM says:

    So sorry you are under the weather. Great gifts and pics. I love Cuppa’s P.Js. I am getting a new, larger monitor too. Don’t want a laptop for some reason. Guess it is the old lady in me. Looking forward to the coming year hearing from my Canadian connections. Happy New Year

  5. Col says:

    Oh how wonderful for Cuppa. A new lap top!!!!
    Not so wonderful about no running water and feeling ill… but you guys certainly seemed to push through it well. Love the little techies.

  6. SO sorry about the cold Ac!!! Nasty thing, that!! Oh, Love the look on Cuppa’s face!Hahaaa….love HP too….
    Get better SOON!!!

  7. Hilary says:

    I love the engrossed expressions on the kidlets’ faces while focusing on the laptop. Such a nice gift. I hope you’re feeling much better very soon.

  8. Bernie says:

    Oh AC I am sorry you have that terrible cold, it is going around here as well, at Mass yesterday everyone was coughing and hacking away as they reached to shake my hand…..I put my gloves on just before that part of the Mass….lol (I know it was rude) or I could of took my chances and prayed not to get the cold…..just thought of that!
    Computer looks lovely, is it Windows 7…..that is what my new one has and I still don’t know all the things it can do, everyone says it’s great but I like my Windows XP.
    The kids are so cute, bet it was lots of fun with them despite being without water (can’t even imagine what that would like) Stay warm and feel better my friend..Hugs

  9. Ruth says:

    Everyone looks happy inspite of your illness and the water issues. Get well soon.

  10. Mary says:

    AC, this was NOT at all boring. Lovely photos. Glad that the ghosts of Christmas present and future were able to visit. Not so sure you enjoyed the visit from Christmas Past.

    Loved sharing in your Christmas joy. Blessings, Mary

  11. Mary says:

    PS. Feel better soon. Hubby is also down with a nasty bug.

  12. Mara says:

    Hope you feel better now. And I must say: love the pj’s! Especially Cuppa’s, they are brilliant!

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