Christmas Photos

Before I forget completely, here are a few photos from Christmas β€” some from the Eve and some from the Day. I don’t think you require my commentary for this lot. πŸ™‚

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010



Christmas Time

Zach at Christmas

Kids Computers

For any family and friends who wish to see it all from start to finish, going back to the decorating of the tree. Be warned: there are more than 100. πŸ™‚ ???

Go to Flickr for a full screen view

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7 Responses to Christmas Photos

  1. Ahhhh….That’s a LOT of love in there Ac!! And you best NOT be eating pizza!!! I STILL haven’t gotten any!!Hahaaa

  2. Lorna says:

    Heartwarming, as usual.

  3. Lots of happy faces here, AC, and great looking grandkids and not so bad grandparents and parents either. Thanks for sharing your entire holiday season from start to end, almost…still have New Year’s Eve too!

  4. QMM says:

    Now you have some good looking folks in your family. Trying to catch up on posts I missed during the busy days. That snow accumulation was something. We had a measly 3 inches. Just enough on Christmas morning to be perfect. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  5. Ruth says:

    I watched the entire slide show, a fine collection of pictures which capture well the joys of family at Christmas. Happy New Year!

  6. Kila says:

    Great photos. Priceless πŸ™‚

  7. Diana says:

    Very Nice AC! And at least you where able to stay awake, I slept almost through the whole holiday!! Love Di β™₯

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