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Of Men and Women

Once upon a time, I taught a geography course to senior high school students, called World Issues (that’s what the course was called, not the students although many did have their share of issues :)). We would examine topics such … Continue reading

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Slaloming Out of Control

When I chanced to read Ginnie’s blog about her accident and subsequent new vehicle, I didn’t think it would get to this. In the Rearview Mirror, I have already posted about three of my own incidents although one was a … Continue reading

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Perchance to Dream

Don’t worry. I’m not about to irritate you by describing my dreams to you. However, I do want to mention something unusual about my slumber visions. At least I think it’s unusual. On the other hand, maybe I have always … Continue reading

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Too Smart By Half

Okay, after a few trips down memory lane along with a wee dram of sentimentality, let’s do us a coupla good ole grandkids pics. The times they are a’changin. Nikki Dee can now amuse herself on the Wii for quite … Continue reading

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Good Medicine

Writing yesterday, about expressing appreciation to teachers as well as others, brought to mind a time when I was the parent in a parent-teacher interview. It was normal interview in Thesha’s  near-to-last year in elementary school. The teacher went on … Continue reading

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Win, Win

The recent In the Rearview Mirror post sparked a good memory that I am going to commit to posterity in this online journal of mine. It’s not much but it came out of that incident and also prompted a few … Continue reading

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She Does Me Proud

This was supposed to be a non-posting day for me, but I am popping in quickly to give a shoutout to my daughter, Thesha. As I’ve recently mentioned, there have been a lot of germs roosting here lately, but I … Continue reading

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