The Weather and the Munchkin

Canadians need to be flexible, ready to alter their plans in winter if at all possible.

Change 1: We had planned to drive into the city on Friday to return a Christmas purchase and to use a coupon for dinner. But it was snowing: not so much as to absolutely force a change in plans, but enough to cause us to decide not to make an unnecessary trip.

Change 2: As we were preparing supper after a quiet afternoon, Daddy called and implored us to fetch his children from daycare as he was stuck in traffic, which was moving slowly due to the weather. So, we did, and Nikki Dee immediately upon seeing us began to excitedly clamour to come to “Buppa House for sleepover.” She would have been crushed to have been refused after already nagging us for several days, so we caved.

A Snowy  Weekend

Almost immediately upon visiting, she must have a tea party even if it's a party for one. Note that the Christmas poinsettia is still thriving.

A Snowy  Weekend

After supper we went out to shovel snow, which had the additional motive of tiring her hyper self. She had a great time. Me too.

A Snowy  Weekend

She rather enjoyed the throwing and falling of the snow. Me too.

A Snowy  Weekend

Before bed, a rosy-cheeked Nikki Dee helped Amma sort out her computer problems.

Change 3: On Saturday, after saying goodbye to the munckin, Cuppa and I once again, deferred our trip into the city. But we did want to get out if the house for a bit, so we stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee and a sandwich and drove to the water to consume our bounty.

A Snowy  Weekend

The road by the park had been reduced to one lane, overlapping the centre strip. It's a dead end with little traffic, especially in winter, so it didn't matter.

A Snowy  Weekend

Our overcast view as we munched and drank in the car.

A Snowy  Weekend

I strayed from the car to take this photo after lunch.

A Snowy  Weekend

An old log house sits behind the parking area. There are quite a number of them in The Valley (Ottawa Valley), which was once quite a timber area.

A Snowy  Weekend

We decided not to try to walk the unplouged pathway in the park, so we returned home to trudge the neighbourhood ... and had a pleasant conversation with the neighbours across the street before resuming our walk.

They say something about the plans of mice and men going astray, but they also advise us to make lemonade when life hands us lemons. So we did, so far it’s been an enjoyable weekend afterall.

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11 Responses to The Weather and the Munchkin

  1. Col says:

    Winter can be challenging but I too try to make the best of it. For me, it is the wind that makes or breaks a day. Love your photos. It blows me away how quickly Nikki Dee is growing up. Funny how little girls love tea party’s. Our “little Birdie” is the same. 🙂

  2. Mary G says:

    It’s been interesting light, hasn’t it, the last few days. Love the shot of the tree trunk with the river in the background. If we get even another few inches, I can snowshoe. Looking forward to that.
    As for the grand daughter, goodness, she’s a sweetie!

  3. Bernie says:

    I always try to make lemonade AC but I have been snowed in since Friday, my car is still buried and today we have a brutal wind, it is very, very cold. I have managed to clear the door so it opens but my poor car has yet to be dug out. I am going out for a few minutes at a time…..see you in the Spring….lol…..:-)Hugs

  4. Diana says:

    Some of the best times I’ve had were unplanned. Lovely weather AC! I mean that, it’s ugly and brown here! Love Di ♥

  5. The best plans turn out to be those we had not planned it seems. Assuming that you will still make it to the city for your return and dinner, the change was just a detour and not a complete roadboack. Plus, looked like you all had a fun time.

  6. Kila says:

    Impromtu parties are the best 😉

    Yes, living up north, you’re always at the mercy of the weather.

    Winter does make for beautiful pictures.

    Sunny and 60F here today 😉

  7. Lorna says:

    Your post showed such flexibility—did you have a NEW sandwich at Timmy’s? Did you try your coffee black?

  8. Turtle Guy says:

    You truly are a Canadian in every sense. Being just east of the Rockies, we in Calgary have a saying: “If you don’t like the weather in Calgary, just wait a minute!”

    A stop for a Tim’s and a winter drive… Now that’s Canadian wherever you’re from 🙂

  9. Philip says:

    Your life is so mellow. It is nice to be able to “go with the flow” without any demands to be here or there at the risk of life and limb in the Winter. I love the squared timber house and always wanted to build one. I only got as far as to purchase a used broad ax to use to square the timbers. Perhaps some day I will build a square timbered outhouse just to say I built something.

  10. Ruth says:

    Looks like you know how to go with the flow… that is my style to a “T”.

  11. Hilary says:

    I love the photos of you and the little one shoveling snow. She looks so delighted. You too. 😉 And I can almost smell the Timmy’s coffee as I type.

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