From Mom’s Journal: Entry One

There was a time when Cuppa bought a fantastic gift for my mother. Or at least it was a fantastic idea. It was a Grandma’s journal with all sorts of prompts about things that a grandma could write about and leave as a heritage to her family.

Unfortunately, it was too much for my mother to contemplate in her old age — too daunting — so she gave it back. However, it did seem to spur her to write a few little things in her own way and in her own time. I wish it had been more, but something is better than nothing.

Since I am quite fond of animals as was my dad, this entry was quite revealing to me. I had thought that I could solely attribute this characteristic to my Dad, but the following entry indicates that my Grampa was also an animal person. This pleases me.

MomMy father was a great lover of animals. At various times, we had a French poodle called Prince. A goat, called Billy, a gift from someone. A cat called Minnie. Mother loved birds, especially canaries. When AC was about 3 yrs. old Dad bought Frisky. Just lived a year — got run over by a truck. With Grandpa and FriskyTo help AC recover from Frisky’s death — I took AC out for Halloween treats — his first time. We also had a bowl of fish. One was a jumper — he’d jump right out of the bowl onto the floor. Had to be rescued many times. AC later took a liking to Budgies. One evening I had a pot on the stove, with melted butter. The Budgie flew onto the rim of the pot & fell into the pot. No harm came to the Bird but I lost the Butter. Had to start over again.

I think we shall continue to delve into Mom’s journal from time to time. I wonder what she’d think of her words going public if she knew?

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10 Responses to From Mom’s Journal: Entry One

  1. QMM says:

    Catching up with you and your stories. Love your photos. How wonderful to find that journal. I love those kinds of posts. Nothing like great memories to keep us going. Sometimes maybe they are not so fond, but they are uniquely ours. Blessings

  2. Ginger says:

    Oh my. The budgie in the butter–that’s a picture I don’t want to contemplate too long! 🙂 Glad she didn’t proceed to use the butter. Heh-heh!

  3. Lorna says:

    I know my mother would have hated for me to use anything like that on my blog. She was a great one for saving letters from all and sundry but she always bridled at seeing that I’d kept hers. And she was kind to budgies. she would have rescued the bird and performed cpr.

  4. Col says:

    I think journaling is a habit that starts young.. and for some is second nature. My mom has always had journals and to this day.. even though she is legally blind, she makes small notations in her book every night. We are never shown them, but I know someday they will be treasured.

    The part about the bird falling into the butter had me laugh out loud. And I was so relieved to read that it lived to tweet again. 🙂

  5. Mara says:

    I’ve seen those diaries and was very tempted to buy them for my parents. I think I might still do so when I see one again! I wonder what they will write about their parents.

  6. “lost the butter though…”
    Hahaaa…..that’s good.
    What a great memory!!

  7. Ruth says:

    Your mother would likely be a blogger today. I am sure she meant for someone to read what she wrote.

  8. Diana says:

    I’m sorry AC but I am LMAO !!! The Budgie in the butter, poor thing but just HYSTERICAL!!!! Glad it was alright! Still laughing!!!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Hilary says:

    Oh buttered budgie.. ack! I suspect you figure your Mother would approve of publishing her words or you wouldn’t have done it. 🙂

  10. Kila says:

    Words are immortal. She lives on 🙂

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