An Afternoon with Zach

For someone who is forever posting pictures of the grands, I haven’t been posting very many pictures of the grands lately. I did a few of her last weekend, so now it’s his turn. She was visiting up the street on Thursday afternoon, so he had me all to himself and vice versa.

After having a shorter nap than usual, he was playing contentedly with this and that, but after awhile I had a premonition because he was being too quiet. I tiptoed into his room …

An Afternoon With Zach

Sure enough, he was doing his best to access the iPod.

An Afternoon With Zach

You're busted, buddy!

An Afternoon With Zach

Later, he was diligently zipping and unzipping his change purse for the longest time, so I found some pennies to put in there ... which heightened his excitement and enjoyment even more.

An Afternoon With Zach

Since he was quite occupied, I thought that I might be able to read.

An Afternoon With Zach

Not likely, Buppa. He became fascinated with the book until I put it out of his sight ... and mine. Sigh.

An Afternoon With Zach

For awhile he sat his busy self down to watch Sesame Street intently. However, he's so camera-aware that I wasn't able to capture that absorption. Drat!

I hope you enjoyed the visit. Good thing he’s cute because devilry runs rampant in his tiny beating heart. 🙂

PS: With any luck, today you are seeing a favicon (the icon) in the address bar. It’s blue and yellow and says AC. I almost lost my site a month or so ago when I tried to do this, but I tried a different approach, and it worked. You may or may not need to refresh your screen to see it. I had used a favicon from time to time in Blogger, but this is a first for me in the WordPress scheme of things. This brings me joy, for it doesn’t take much to cause me to feel as light as a feather and as giddy as a schoolboy. 🙂

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15 Responses to An Afternoon with Zach

  1. Hahaaa….You are Not a scrooge….no…..not Even…

  2. PS…(I’m having a week here…) AND….I love that look on his face when getting caught…..Lololol

  3. Bernie says:

    Oh yes I see your AC icon, very nice.

    Love this little guy, everything he is thinking shows on his face. I can understand how you and Cuppa have so much fun enjoying this little guy….:-)Hugs

  4. ~sWaMpY~ says:

    He just oozes with cuteness and mischieviousness (sp?), and orneriness, but mostly he’s adorable !

  5. Lorna says:

    he’s adorable yes, but that doesn’t make it any easier for me to know what an address bar is or to look for its blueandyellowyness.

  6. Hilary says:

    Oh he’s a doll. I love the look on his face.. the busted mug shot. Too adorable. And clever of you to sneak up on him with camera in hand. And yes, I see the favicon.

  7. Diana says:

    I found your icon, that’s pretty cool! I loved that second photo of Zach. That expression was priceless and I KNOW how hard it is to get photos of the little ones! My Grands just run as soon as I break out the camera, even when I try doing it secretly! Good job AC!
    Love Di ♥

  8. June Kellum says:

    Oh, AC, these are great! He’s a most special little boy, isn’t he!! I can see that-even at this great distance!

    That first shot is my favorite!!


  9. June Kellum says:

    PS-I see your Blue and Yellow AC! Very cool!


  10. Mary G says:

    Great icon! And wonderful photos of Little Mr Mischief, looking, as they say, as if butter wouldn’t melt. Good luck, Buppa!

  11. Ruth says:

    He looks cherubic and incapable of devilry.

  12. And just when I was beginning to wonder when there would be more “grands” pics..there you go and post some of Zach – very nicely done.

  13. Tom says:

    Zach is a cutie for sure 🙂 Grandkids are the best!
    Hope your week is off to a grand start!
    🙂 Lord Thomas of Wellington

  14. Friko says:

    Ah, what innocence!.
    Anyway, that’s what it looks like on the outside.

    Congrats on POTW.

  15. What a cutie your little Zach is! My daughter surprised me on Christmas Day with the news that I am to become a grandmother in July, so I’m kinda in baby mode right now, and your little darlin’ set my soul to singing!

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