A Snowy Walk

Not too long ago, I took you on a walk (or a photo tour if you prefer of downtown Ottawa). Now, I’d like to invite you to walk with me in a totally different venue: the park or at least the walkway beside the river near our neighbourhood. Yesterday, Cuppa and I trudged through the snow to get our exercise and see if there were any pretty pictures to be had. I don’t know about pretty, but I do know about pictures. Please tag along with us.

A Snowy Walk

This is the sight just across the road from us. The flag on the fire hydrant is for location purposes if the hydrant gets snowed under. In the big, record setting snows several years ago, it the flag was buried or close to it.

A Snowy Walk

We chose to enter the river walkway via this entrance by a new subdivision that is going up next to us, thereby avoiding the icy section nearer the other entrance where I recently fell ever so daintily.

A Snowy Walk

There are several boardwalks over the more swampy areas.

A Snowy Walk

Cuppa's red coat, purchased at Pacific Rim National Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island, makes for a nice focal point amongst the path's light and shadow.

A Snowy Walk

She was really in the shadows in this section. Just beyond Cuppa, the woods open onto a clearing although in the next photo we jog right first.

A Snowy Walk

I really liked the light and shadow here along with the converging lines of the fences. I believe it is legitimate to use the $64 word for light and shadow: chiaroscuro.

A Snowy Walk

We walk out of the woods onto the field directly toward the river.

A Snowy Walk

We turned back about where the dog is standing in this picture. The dog had come from behind us. We met several dogs and humans on our walk.

A Snowy Walk

Back along the wooded section, I stopped for one more photo emphasizing chiaroscuro. Somebody please stop me if I'm using the word incorrectly.

A Snowy Walk

Unlike the promenades of both Doris* and Smitten**, we don't see many birds or any other wildlife*** on our excursions, but just as we leave the path, there is a little pond. Here three ducks and one Canada Goose hunker down on the ice next to a patch of open water. It's a mystery to me why some geese refuse to fly south. Too lazy? Whatever the reason, it may explain why we use the term, Silly Goose. EDIT: They were still there on my walk this morning when it was -27°C/-17°F. The amount of open water has decreased, however. Now I feel sorry for the Silly Goose. What does it eat, I wonder.

*Doris is a friend from childhood who still lives in Montreal. Shes not a frequent blogger but posts many fine bird, animal and insect photos on Thoughts and Things.

**I have never met Hilary, but oddly enough, she is also from my hometown of Montreal and now lives in Mississauga where I also once lived. Mississauga is essentially the western edge of Toronto, but it’s not officially part of the city. She frequently posts photos from the park near her on The Smitten Image.

***I find it ironical that both Doris and Hilary are able to post all sorts of bird and animal pictures while I am not. The irony is that I live in small town within a rural region while they both live in much more populated areas, especially Doris who lives on the crowded island of Montreal. But I see few birds although I did see a deer or two before the builders got busy near the path. My thinking is that animal life must seek the green oases within urban centres where Doris and Hilary walk, but that they tend to remain more aloof from humans in rural regions where they have countless acres of woods and farmland to frolic in. To wit: we have a fine suet feeder out back, but nary a chickadee has paid it a visit.

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15 Responses to A Snowy Walk

  1. Diana says:

    There is something to be said about all of that beautiful snow AC. We had ours and it has melted already leaving everything brown and ugly again! It doesn’t last long here at all.
    Your photos were all so beautiful. As for the critters, maybe you need to camouflage yourself to catch them! Love Di ♥

  2. Ginger says:

    What a beautiful walk! I envy your sunshine.

  3. Great photos Ac! Fell….daintily??Hahahaa…..

  4. Hilary says:

    Some wonderful photos here, AC. It looks like a beautiful area. I have no idea if you’re using the word “chiaroscuro” correctly because it’s a new term to me. I thank you kindly for the mention and linkage. The pond in my area with its surrounding trees and shrubbery is like an oasis in the city. It does tend to draw critters from all over. Summer time is of course best. I’ll head over to see Doris’ blog now.

  5. Hilary says:

    Oops.. the link to Doris’s blog doesn’t work.. you have an extra http in the URL.

  6. I enjoyed that photo tour through the snow. Our snow is mostly gone leaving brown and droppy vegetation. That is a new word to me too. So I will go check it out. I need to get my lazy self out there and walk.

  7. Enjoyed your walk, AC, especially since I was inside while viewing it. Lucky you to have some snow as our Christmas nonanza is long gone now. There is a rumor of some light snow by the weekend, but possibly some rain the next few days. Never heard the term ” chiaroscuro” so check online and found that: in art characterized by strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. Therefore, you may have been using the term correctly.

  8. D. Hough says:

    Our snow has all gone now, but we had a lot for a couple of weeks before Christmas. Going for walks with the dog was great because all the muddy patches of ground froze and then were covered, so it was much easier walking that it is at the moment. Also the dog was coming home reasonably clean, whereas now he’s covered in mud, and has to be wiped down before I can let him back into the house. Your pictures look great. The snow looks so crisp, and I especially like picture number 6, with the contrast of bright white snow and the brown tree trunks and fences all crisscrossed with long thin shadows. And the snow looks deep because there are just the tips of long grass sticking out here and there.

  9. Lorna says:

    I think it’s wrong for you to send Cuppa ahead looking for the places where you might fall through the ice.

  10. Doris says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog and to Hilary’s. I very much enjoyed looking at her lovely winter photos – and yours too of course – especially that last one with the goose and ducks.

  11. Jinksy says:

    Chiaroscuro only means contrasting light and shade – the kind you see a lot in Old Dutch Master’s oil paintings. You’ve caught it to perfection with your camera, AC.

  12. Mary says:

    AC, beautiful photos of winter light and shadow. I enjoyed coming along with you and Cuppa. Absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Kila says:

    Snow does make for beautiful photos! It’s especially beautiful when viewed from Florida 😉

    (Quite a few Canadians down here during winter. Saw an auto license plate from Quebec today.)

  14. Oh, I love these photos! Impossible to pick a favorite, but snow is always a great subject. Unfortunately, we have a couple of inches of the white stuff on the ground right now…and I’m not venturing more than one foot out the door!

  15. Pearl says:

    Lovely walk in the woods. No teddy bear picnics?

    I can see how that works with your friends. Wherever I go, I seem to photograph flowers and grass. That’s what Dublin and New York City are composed of too, you know? Funny what the eye captures.

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