Painting and Plumbing

I post fairly frequently and recently had a long run of consecutive-day posting, but I actually don’t want to do that. I don’t want to feel obligated to post daily, but I also don’t like to go too long between posts, even if I struggle to find anything to say — or more likely can’t be bothered to muster to energy to commit a semi coherent thought to the keyboard. As such, I didn’t want to go three days without posting and therefore, here I am.

So is Nikki Dee — here. We are doing watercolour painting together in these pictures, she and I.

Playing with Paints

Playing with Paints

It’s been a sick week in these parts: Mom, Cuppa and Zach have all been seriously under the weather, and I do mean seriously. Nikki Dee had one somewhat iffy day but nothing too bad, and Buppa was afeerd that he was coming down with it on another day, but so far so good … and I knock on my head whilst I say that.

Mom had it quite bad and had to take a few days off work, so we brought Nikki Dee over to our place for a few hours each day. We tried to time it to coincide with Zach having his nap, so Mom could rest too as it’s not a real blast to take care of kids when you’re sick. On day one at our place, ND said she wanted to paint, so on day two I took her to the dollar store, and we bought us somadatderegudstuf.

She seemed to enjoy it, and I was fine with it too. As I painted with her, I couldn’t help but wonder if someone would one day take me to therapy classes for the senile and if I would do this kind of painting then. Losing my mental faculties, such as they are, is a fear of mine. I just don’t want to go that route. Mind you, by then I’d be so far gone that, based on these pictures, I’d probably really enjoy myself.

In other news, the plumber will soon be here to take care of our disintegrating kitchen plumbing and to further disintegrate our bank account while he’s at it. Maybe I’ll get Cuppa to cough on him if the bill is too large.

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14 Responses to Painting and Plumbing

  1. Diana says:

    I think that doing the painting is keeping your creative side alive AC! Hope everyone gets well soon, Damn this winter weather! Love Di ♥

  2. Ginnie says:

    Be sure to stay in the lines, AC !!
    About blogging…I now put at least 3 or 4 days between posts and it seems to work well for me. Every day became way too much but I like it this way because it keeps me on my toes (thinking up new and, hopefully, interesting topics) and allows my creative juices to not get dried up!
    I also love to get (and give) comments. We have our own little universe of bloggers.

  3. Awwww!! That Poor Plumber!!Hahahaa…Remember…ECONOMY IS BAD…..
    Before you throw him out into the snow!
    You’ll Never become senile…..ever….

  4. Every day I don’t post, someone calls to see what is wrong with me. It is not usually me. Usually puter trouble. I love the watercolors too. Maybe you can lead the other painters in the ‘home’ with all your experience. LOL Those two will keep you young a long time.

  5. Bernie says:

    Good Morning AC, hope everyone feels better soon. I had it through the holidays and it was no fun.
    I miss your post when you are away for a while but then who am I to talk. I have to get my act together as well, although I am off today to keep my niece for 10 days so who knows when I will get a post done. It is okay, life happens.
    Take care and stay well…..:-)Hugs

  6. Mara says:

    I just read a post about therapy dogs for retirement homes! You might get visited by one. Or perhaps a cat or even a miniature horse!

  7. Lorna says:

    How did we entertain our kids when there were no dollar stores?

  8. Mary says:

    Your kitchen is deteriorating? You should come over and check out the Tuckers! We’ve got no sink and only as of last week did we have a working dishwasher!

    Thanks for the laugh, Juncle.

    Hope you don’t catch what’s going around. Hugs to all of you!

  9. Hilary says:

    I’m looking forward to the days when I can paint and play with grandkidlets. I hope you and yours start feeling much better very soon.

  10. So who was having the most fun with this painting session? And wondered who was taking the photos – did Cuppa arise from her sick bed to oblige? Nice sequence captured here. Hope everyhone feels better by the weekend – whoops that’s already here! Yes, we do know about home repairs and draining accounts (pun intended).

  11. As for blogging daily or not, sometimes Grenville and I will go for a couple of days (not many times) when nothing gets posted. Other days we may both post 1 or more times. It all depends on the weather, projects and if we feel like posting. We never seem to run out of “things” to post about – life is interesting all the time.

  12. Ruth says:

    Our patients get to do silk scarf painting… one free scarf per admission to hospital. Hope you all feel better soon.

  13. Friko says:

    Hi Anvilcloud,

    you are a hard man to track down.
    But I finally made it here; it’s a pleasure.

    Thanks for coming over from Jinksy’s; yes, you did see the same picture, that’s because we both posted on the same prompt.

  14. Col says:

    I find one of the best things about being a grandparent is having the time to colour and water paint leisurely with the little ones. When I was a young mom, working and with 2 babes, I never really had the time to do it as I do now. This is definitely one of the good points of being our age.

    The fear of losing our faculties is definitely a negative. I too worry about that and do my best to do what I can to keep everything working as it should. Here’s wishing only bright days ahead for the both of us. 🙂

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