Too Smart By Half

Okay, after a few trips down memory lane along with a wee dram of sentimentality, let’s do us a coupla good ole grandkids pics.

The times they are a’changin. Nikki Dee can now amuse herself on the Wii for quite some time. And then she gets on the computer for hours. She goes to and has herself a grand old time. What’s going on? She’s not even four yet?


The thing is that he always wants to be where she is and doing what she’s doing. It’s works for awhile, but then he gets to bothering her and climbing on the table and driving both ND and Buppa mad, so I take him out and shut the door.

The door has a childproof lock. Nikki Dee has long since figured it out, so Zach decides to have a go when he thinks I’m not looking.

Gaining Entry

Since Buppa just looked but didn’t reprimand, the boy goes back to work.

Gaining Entry

“Clever me! That lock isn’t so childproof.”

Gaining Entry

What’s going on? He’s not even two yet?

Too smart by half!

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8 Responses to Too Smart By Half

  1. Mara says:

    A special childlock? The only thing my parents did was turn the doorhandle up! Which worked. Sort of…

  2. judy says:

    LOVE the Wiggles shirt on that boy!

    As much as I enjoy reading about your history, your present is making a beauitful history for those two.

    Which ever way you read the word ‘present’.

  3. Hahahaaa…..I think they are All smarter then we are…it’s a conspiracy, I tell ‘ya!!Hahaa

  4. Diana says:

    I can see that you really have to watch that one! I love the look on his face in the second photo AC! He really is too smart! Love Di ♥

  5. Hilary says:

    That little guy is going to have it figured out in no time, and Nikki Dee will be co-blogging his antics. 😉

  6. Do they seem smarter earlier cause you are older now, AC?

  7. D. Hough says:

    The look on his face is priceless!

  8. Ruth says:

    When it comes to technology, children now surpass most adults at a very young age. But your two are exceptionally bright. Zach is so very cute but he looks like he has energy that should be shared

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