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To be Taken with a Grain of Salt

Tomorrow is Oscar night! It’s a family even around these parts although most of us ever manage to see very few, if any of the contenders. It’s a bit different this year because AC and The Cupster have actually seen … Continue reading

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Warmed Cockles

I wasn’t going to post today, but the girl gave me a special moment yesterday. She gave my leg a big and lengthy hug and said, “I love you my Buppa.” Consider the cockles warmed.

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The Museum at the Mill

More photos from our winter walk at the Mill of Kintail last Sunday. The actual mill is long gone, but the former residence of the Robert Tait McKenzie family remains as a museum. On the lower floor, the rooms, or … Continue reading

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Water and Ice

On Sunday, we drove up to the Mill of Kintail for a stroll that is a little different from walking the neighbourhood. For once, we did not take Nikki Dee with us to the mill; I am sure that we … Continue reading

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Not Singing the Blues

I have recently been perusing old blog posts: very old posts. I have now been blogging for almost seven years, so I go back a long way. Aside from reliving and enjoying many old memories, one thing in particular began … Continue reading

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The cutie pie came for a sleepover the other night. I had to run for my camera when we were watching America Idol because I saw so many cute photo ops: many that I didn’t manage to snap as she … Continue reading

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A Long Way from Mississippi

I wish to thank whoever it was among my blogger friends who recommended The Help one fine day (although I think I remember). I ordered it from the library and forgot about it to the extent that at first I … Continue reading

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