Stormy Weather

We had our biggest snowfall of the year from late Tuesday to late Wednesday. It still wasn’t all that huge, but it got lots of people outdoors dealing with it. I was out shovelling three times and could have made it four. I just don’t like it to get too thick; I’d rather shovel a little two or three times than a lot once. Mind you, there was more than a little bit on Wednesday.

I thought I would just share a few snaps with you. I’m sure there will be much jealousy experienced by many, but you’re welcome to pay us a winter visit. Our rates are reasonable.

Snowy Day

Looking out back from our bedroom window. The road has been ploughed at least once, but it is still not totally clear. The rest of the pictures were taken out front.

Snowy Day

Our Good Neighbour loves to be outdoors in all kinds of weather. When I went out to shovel for the third time, she was shovelling someone else's driveway. One morning recently, I opened the door and found her shovelling my driveway. She said she was full of energy that day. I actually wanted to do it myself with Nikki Dee, but I wasn't about to argue. You can see the top her dog's head over the snowbank.

Snowy Day

The guy across the street had a huge pile of snow dumped in front of his driveway because Bad Neighour had left his car out, and the plow had to go around. However, Good Neighbour (above) let this guy use her snowblower. He should buy her dinner at a very nice restaurant because it would have been an exhausting job by shovel.

Snowy Day

Another shot of the same guy really getting into the snowbank.

Snowy Day

Looking north, this is our street. It was garbage day, so some bins were still out. A couple of kids were walking home from school.

Snowy Day

Across the street but a bit to the south, a few kids were out playing and shovelling.

Snowy Day

The hound was out barking his fool head off. He's still young. Hopefully, he'll settle down a bit. I think he just wanted to get in on the action.

Snowy Day

Good Neighbour used her blower to get rid of the mound in front of our driveway. In the background, the guy who just got rid of his pile (in the above photos) is now clearing his neighbours' driveway.

That’s about it. A good storm brings out the best and worst in people, fortunately more people are gooder than badder.

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10 Responses to Stormy Weather

  1. Ruth says:

    Nothing like a storm to make us more like neighbours. Our city has started ticketing or towing cars left on the street after a snow storm. We are in our second day of a “snow event” so no parking is allowed at all on the road. We got 15 cm of new snow, far below the predicted amount. It looks like you got a little more. I wonder what “good neighbour’s” energy secret is?

  2. Mary G says:

    We got a plough around noon, and are hoping for another clearance this morning – JG and I cleared once late yesterday afternoon and have only two inches to deal with today. Sure is pretty – the last of the fall was in big flakes and they’re all sparkly this morning.
    I used to be good neighbour – we lived on a crescent in Ottawa, at the curve, and got huge piles at the foot of the driveway in consequence. We had a big snowblower and to clear our drive I had to do the next door drive as well.
    I now watch the tractor blow the worst away and do the trimming with a shovel. Good that the snow was dry and not heavy.

  3. Paul says:

    We got snow also. Less than one-half inch, maybe 1 centimeter. Your snow is not only more plentiful but more beautiful.

    (A confession. I usedan online conversion program to convert inches to centimeters. However, I learned long about that 2.54 cm equals one inch. So why didn’t I do that in my head?)

  4. Well, hubby and I were Just about to take you up on your generous Winter accomodations…but…alas…our passports are out of date! Darn!!Hahaaaaa…..(crossing fingers behind back)….
    WICKED photos!!! I don’t know How y’all do it! We were watching the news this morning and watching people drive in the stuff…speeding, driving through frozen water, skidding all Over the place… etc. Larry & I just looked at each other….morons!
    Stay in and stay safe!

  5. Bernie says:

    So you are finally catching up with us AC although it is mild today…..snow on the way for the weekend. I love how neighbours look out for each other and help each other during these times. Stay warm my friend and I think shovelling a few cms at a time is a wonderful idea rather then the big shovel………:-)Hugs

  6. Ginnie says:

    I’m glad the “gooder” won out over the “badder”…you need good neighbors when you face those elements. Your pictures brought back so many memories of my days in New York and Massachusetts….when being a lot younger made it all seem OK. Now it just looks daunting and, even though your rates are reasonable, I’ll have to forego the trip to Canada for now.

  7. June Kellum says:

    LOL- Yah-I’m jealous, AC!! 🙂 Have to say it IS beautiful…but I’d have a hard time dealing with all that white-wet-COLD stuff!!

    Keep safe and warm!


  8. Diana says:

    That’s quite a bit of snow and a lot of work!
    Love Di ♥

  9. AC, we can offer accomodations without the snow, but how do you feel about some mud?

  10. Linda Fraser says:

    It’s great when all the neighbours are pitchin’ in. Steve and I got all of our shoveling done. We’ve got a bad corner on the roof and we have to monitor it for snow pile up. We have a scraper if it gets too piled up. So far, we have scraped it off once. Thanks for sharing AC. =D

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