From The Netherlands …

… via California … to Canada

Several years ago, a friend told me about Blurb, where people can publish their own books. While the idea of vanity press (self publishing) isn’t new, it hasn’t been an inexpensive proposition. Along came Blurb which will allow you to print just one copy if that’s all you want. They will even slurp your blog if you so wish — grab your blog for you, pictures and all.

Since then, I have planned to collate some of my blogs and print them as a book. Someday. Actually my thought was, “When I re-retire from this rather draining grand-care gig.” I have previously printed some of my blogs, and put them in a binder, but a real book would be so much better than a cumbersome binder.

weighty+abcWell, while AC dithered, Mara (from The Netherlands) got to work and published a book, The Weighty ABC, from some of her blog posts. She has blogged many of the  “A is for __” type of post in her Weighty Matters blog. When she announced her book, I decided that I must support her and order one (to Canada). Blurb (via California) books don’t come cheap, but this one sure looks good and also feels good in my hands. The paper is nice, and it looks like a real book — which it is, of course.

I’m glad I fell off my wallet, bit the bullet, and paid the piper. Even though I have read most if not all of the original posts online, I am enjoying curling up in my easy chair and thumbing my way through it. Mara has also put together a cookbook, but I think I’ll be able to resist that one. You can click here to see a preview of The Weighty ABC on Blurb and you can find a link to her cookbook at her blog, Weighty Matters.

The tools that are available to us in the computer age are mind-blowing. I got into computers fairly early, and friends would tease me about having an expensive typewriter. It was only partly true then, but it isn’t at all true now. Simply download Blurb’s free software and have at it. When you’re ready, upload your content, and Blurb will print your book — one copy at a time if that’s what works for you.

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6 Responses to From The Netherlands …

  1. Beatrice says:

    AC, the wonders of technology are ever amazing. Definitely will check out the link to Mara’s book.

  2. Lorna says:

    I’ve seen the Mac version of those books, and became so jealous I had to go into another room to avoid deafening people by teeth-grinding.

  3. Paul says:

    I considered printing my blog a year or two ago. Looks like prices have dropped or Blurb is trying to be very competitive as compared to the services I investigated.

  4. Mara says:

    Thank you very much for this brilliant boost! I’ve found it quite addictive to put these books together, even if it is a lot of work and can be quite expensive if you have a lot of (long) blogposts. But you are right, it is nice to be able to hold your very own book in your hands instead of just looking at a small screen.

  5. Mary G says:

    Thanks, AC. Good tip.

  6. Hilary says:

    There are a number of these self-pub, one off companies out there. I’d not heard of Blurb but have been familiar with the LuLu for some time. It’s a great way to make a gift out of your work.. or offer it up to those who might be interested. So nice of you to support and promote your friend.

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