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Photos and Answer

On Saturday, we continued Cuppa’s birthday celebration by lunching out before taking in a few stops on the Maple Run Studio Tour held in Pakenham. It turned out that the highlights were the buildings more than the crafts. Note: The … Continue reading

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Passing Diversions

While you are puzzling over my wazzit post, below, in an effort to win a bushel or more of prize Lanark County rocks, please permit me pass the time with some internet diversions that I have recently come across. This … Continue reading

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Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I choose to flatter Bea by copying her What Is This? idea. I’m not sure about prizes though. I don’t think I can match free manure, and the snow is almost gone, so … Continue reading

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When You’re 64

We celebrated the beginning of the old girl’s 65th year yesterday, which means that it was her 64th birthday for those who have trouble with that way of framing the concept. Blessedly, it was also our day off work, so … Continue reading

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D’ya See That?

Now do you see it? That’s right! The crocuses are a’comin! Taken from the same spot (almost) as yesterdays snowfall video. Just to keep me happy, here are a couple of my crocus pics from yesteryear as I wait expectantly … Continue reading

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Crafty AC Pushes His Limits

Before bragging about my rampant craftiness, I would like to wish you a Happy Springtime in the following video. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programing. Recently I posted this photo of AC’s attempts at being a crafty, old coot. … Continue reading

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Supermoon and Equilux

I mentioned the Worm Moon/Full Sap Moon in yesterdays post. It so happens that in this case it was also a Super Moon: about 14% larger than the typical full moon because right now the moon is close to the … Continue reading

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