Premature Springing

As you may have noticed, I have migrated to a spring template. Once done, I realized that it might be somewhat similar to the one I once put together for Cuppa. Well, it’s more similar than I had thought.


They are different pink flowers, but the color scheme is pretty much the same as you can see, above. I had a yellowy-daffodily spring template on Raindrops. Maybe I will try to do somethign similar over here. But this one will have to suffice for now.

I have been getting antsy for spring for sometime now. It doesn’t help when y’all from down south post pictures of your gardens and talk of teatime on the deck.

Yesterday, I showed you that I drove to Temples Sugar Camp with the grandlets. It made a good turn-around spot. But, having seen it, I couldn’t wait to take Cuppa out for breakfast. Except it was lunch by the time we got there. And there was nobody in the place except Cuppa and me, even it it wasn’t yet a quarter to three.

The Lonely Woman

The Lonely Woman

Except for the worker bees who did claim that there had been quite a few customers earlier.


The kitchen

The food was good. I usually have the French Toast here because they do it the way that I like it, but I went with the omelette etc this time. There should be another opportunity to sample the fare because I can pretty well guarantee that we’ll be back at least once and maybe twice before the place closes down at the end of April when the maple sap/syrup season comes to an end. (Actually, Temples opens on Sunday mornings all year round.)


The sausages and beans all have some maple flavoring.

As much as I long for spring, winter hangs on.


A view from the window by our table. You can see some of the lines where the sap runs into the boiler. No pails these days.


Icicles viewed from another window.

Winter and spring will battle it out for the next month and probably longer. It’s the way it is in these here parts. I don’t mind winter so much, but it does overstay its welcome.

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12 Responses to Premature Springing

  1. I Know you must be SO tired of all that cold! Just to let you know? The temp has dropped from 78degrees yesterday for a high, to 54 for a high today!Burrrrrrr!!!Hahaaaa….I know…I Am SO MEAN!!
    I will be blowing some of our warm winds your way!! And I DO love your header!

  2. Diana says:

    You know AC, when I lived in Chicago, winter would hang on longer too. Many times it had snowed on my birthday in April. It wasn’t until we moved 300 miles south that I noticed such a difference in climate. Winters here are generally much milder with veru little snow. Spring as I’ve said before, starts much earlier here.
    What a difference a few hundred miles makes!
    The food at that restaurant looked very yummy!!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Lorna says:

    Maple-flavoured anything, except fudge, leaves me cold, but I can see the draw for Temples.

    I did notice the similarity on the banner, especially as I opened Cuppa’s post right after yours.

    And finally, my next tattoo: I don’t mind winter so much, but it does overstay its welcome.

  4. Ginger says:

    That looks like a lovely breakfast!

    Our crocuses are up (I’ve only heard about them; haven’t seen them yet), but other than that, spring is delaying her arrival in our parts.

  5. Jinksy says:

    I think my waistband feels tighter just LOOKING at that plate of food! LOL

  6. Ginnie says:

    I like the new template, AC. I can’t wait to tell you about the lousy weather that we are having … a cold, dreary rain ! Now do you feel better?

  7. Mara says:

    Lunchtime at a quarter to three? I would be expecting a nice cup of tea with a couple of (or more) cakes! Ooh, cakes… got to go now, make me some cakes to go along with my tea this afternoon!

  8. How lovely to have an entire restaurant all to yourselves. That was nearly the case with us at dinner last night, save for about 5-6 other customers. It made for a nice evening of not feeling rushed because someone was waiting for a table.

  9. Bernie says:

    Oh your plate of food looks delicious, I love anything with Maple Syrup on it. It is that time of year isn’t it…..:-)Hugs

  10. Kila says:

    March is a tough and wild month up north–still winter, yet with teases of spring. More frequent teases of spring in April. I used to consider it winter until May 1st. Although a friend of mine was married May 6th, and it snowed that day!

  11. Cathy says:

    mmmmmmm . .. . maple syrup.

    I haven’t had a pancake in forever. I need to get out to breakfast in the AM.

  12. Col says:

    I so get this post!

    And I love the spring template. I need colour right about now. 🙂

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