Who’s Fran?

I came across this old post from early March of five years ago and can’t resist re-posting. It’s of a conversation that actually took place, believe it or not, while we were sitting in our car at the park, most likely sipping Tim’s coffee.

Cuppa: I wonder where that stone house of Fran’s is? Can you place a house by a bridge? What bridge is it do you think?
AC: Huh? Who’s Fran?

Cuppa: She’s the woman we were talking to at the dance.
AC: I thought her name was Doreen?

Cuppa: No, the other one, the one at the door: Fran.
AC: Fran?

Cuppa: The one with the stone house by a bridge. Can you place where it is?
AC: Fran?

Cuppa: You know, the gray-haired lady we were talking to at the door?
AC: Oh, that’s Fran? She’s Gerald’s woman.

Cuppa: Oh, is that who he is? I don’t remember names very well.
AC: You remembered hers.

Cuppa: Whose?
AC: Fran’s!!

Cuppa: Who? Who’s Trends?
AC: Fran, you silly, the one we were just talking about.

… much laughter …

AC: We’ll have to drive by.
Cuppa: Where?

AC: The bridge.
Cuppa: Why?

AC: To see if we can find Fran’s house!!

… more laughter …

So, help me: this conversation actually took place.

Who are these people?


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9 Responses to Who’s Fran?

  1. Diana says:

    I love it AC, and I believe every word as Jake and I have had similar conversations. Especially in this age of cell phones. We find ourselves hearing something totally different from what was actually said. It can be quite funny, we call it cell phone ear!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Hahahaaaa…..how funny. Hubby and I have had a few of those.
    Stay warm up there!

  3. Jinksy says:

    Clones of me and my family… LOL

  4. KGMom says:

    Hmmm–AC. May I suggest that now, before you and Cuppa do ANYTHING else, you put down everything. Find a piece of tape (or a name tag, if one is lying about) and write carefully YOUR name, afix it to your shirt, better yet your skin. Then do the same for Cuppa. Write HER name (not yours), likewise afix it to her.
    Now, carry on.

  5. Ginnie says:

    The big question is … did you ever find Fran’s house?

  6. Grenville T Boyd says:

    What???? Somebody left the fan on????? It winter. You don’t need a fan on. Anyhow stone houses are always cold. Especially one by the bridge!!!!!

  7. Hilary says:

    That’s too funny. So you met her at a dance? Too bad she wasn’t Stan’s woman instead of Gerald’s because it would have sounded like you left your heart at Stan’s Fran’s disco. 😉

  8. Col says:

    These kinds of conversations are a constant with Roland and I. Good to be able to laugh. 🙂

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