Sorry …

… but I am so doggone tired lately that I can’t seem to muster the energy to write a proper post: so enervated that it seems that I can barely think. And so, when I have posted recently, I have frequently reverted to the old standby of posting pictures of the grands. While there’s nothing wrong with that as such, because the blog is about this lil ole life of mine of which the grands are a big part, I surely don’t want to limit myself to such postings.

How tired are you AC? I have felt so tired lately that every afternoon with the grands feels like it’s about six weeks long, and I’ve been a little crankier than I would like.

At times, I have wondered if I am getting sick. The throat got a little scratchy for a few days, and my nose was a little busier than usual, but nothing came of it.

So, maybe it’s just the weather. Maybe all I need is a little sun and warmth.

We’ve had two major snowfalls in the past week. Fortunately, the snow was followed by rain both times, so the accumulations haven’t been too daunting. Nevertheless, snow does not lift the spirits at this time of year. Fortunately, Good Neighbor came by with her blower both times. She’s hardly had to use it this year as most of our snowfalls have been light and easy to shovel. Still, when you haven’t seen bare ground for going on four months. you get … you get tired of it all. Even yesterday morning, I woke up to another light dusting. Sigh.

Perhaps I need to get out more. For more than a month in the dead of winter, I managed to get out for a daily walk, even in extremely cold weather. I felt good about doing that and actually found it quite invigorating to walk in the cold. But as soon as the weather began to show signs of starting to shift a few weeks ago, it was like I couldn’t wait for it to really warm up. Then, when it didn’t do that little thing for me, I no longer felt like “taking the air,” as they say, and became even more sedentary than normal. It doesn’t help my desire to get out and walk with the rain we’ve been experiencing by times, rendering things highly puddleiferous out there.

On top of that, we’ve just had the time change to add to the toll on my spirit. Yesterday morning I was up by 6:00, which was really 5:00, and that is at least two hours before I want to get up on the weekend. Sigh.

One thing that amuses me is bloggers posting their apologies that they can’t they have nothing to post. Of course, they have just posted, so in point of fact, they do have material to post.

Now, here I am doing a similar thing: apologizing for not writing when in point of fact I can only do that by writing. Such is my frame of mind in early March in The Great White North.

Edit: It’s crazy coincidence, but I just learned that it’s National Napping Day.

But … permit me to mention one positive sign in passing. One of the nearby maple bush establishments, Wheelers, posted on Facebook that they were able to collect 40 000 litres of sap last Friday. Did you know that amount only yields 1 000 litres of maple syrup? Now, if that isn’t a harbinger, then I give up.

Below are a few photos of Wheelers that I have taken during various visits.

Standing and Filtered

A shed on the property


Is It Winter Yet?

Snowshoes by the front door to the retaurant


The Way It Was

Sap pails in Wheeler's little museum


Sap Taps

Tapping spiggots


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10 Responses to Sorry …

  1. QMM says:

    Been through that scenario myself. My new blogger friend in Alaska says it is SAD and she suffers from it very badly. From Kentucky she is not used to the days of darkness. Just keep on putting those digits to the keys and something will come out. I takes a lot of energy to care for little tots. No need to apologize. We all know.Blessings to all of your family.

  2. KGMom says:

    I have no tonic for the blahs–sorry.
    But I do love the photos–the symmetry of ordinary things. Lovely.
    And, here’s hoping you get a perk-up coming your way soon.

  3. Hilary says:

    I know what you mean about kind of waiting for the weather to get really pleasant. I’ve been guilty of that myself, lately. I think I’ll go walking right now.

    I hope you feel more energized soon.. you might want to check it out if you’re feeling excessively tired..

  4. Bernie says:

    I think it is the time of year AC but Hilary is right you should have a check up to make sure your thyroid is okay, etc. It surely wouldn’t hurt anyway. I always loved visiting the sugar woods (this is what my mum called them) and a brick of maple cream is delightful…….:-)Hugs

  5. Frank says:

    I’ve been quite the slug for most of this winter. Much of the snow is gone here (an hour east of Toronto) after recent rains and I’ve felt slightly more energetic. But I’m counting the days to that first warm breeze and the calls of redwing blackbirds. (I’m hoping that’ll be within a week or two.) That’s when I’ll know winter’s kaput.

  6. Aren’t you SO glad you’ve got a nosy nursing bloggy buddy on hand to deal with problems???Hahaaa…..Yes, you need the Sun…Take some Vitamin D-3 caps. Should help with that lethargic feeling…If not, go get your thyroid tested. And how’s your cholesterol?
    That’ll be $165.00 dollars please….;o)
    Sending warm winds friend!

  7. Kila says:

    March up north = Blah

    You’ll start to perk up in another month!

    Really loved the photos!

  8. Diana says:

    Oh AC, I can sympathize with the tiredness. I was tired all winter long. Really. It’s been rainy here and it makes me tired but on those days that it has been mild temps and sunny, I feel so much better. Hopefully you’ll be getting some milder weather soon too. I think it will help! Love Di ♥

  9. Time change threw us off as well coupled with a rainy day. I agree that getting out for a walk does re-energize somehow. We did it on SUnday and it was a good feeling afterwards..then we took naps and felt even better!

  10. Pearl says:

    Like the Wheelers’ displays.

    yes, spring’s breaking soon…

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