Smarter Than the Average Buppa

The weather is beginning to turn in these parts. Snow is melting apace, and just perhaps, it will be aided and abetted by the last full moon of winter. I have learned, thanks to Linda, that it can be called either the Worm Moon or the Full Sap Moon. I am further encouraged by the fact that this particular occurrence of said moon is fuller and brighter than usual because the earth and moon happen to be relatively close in their respective orbits.

I say all that to say that, on Thursday, I had Zach out for a little trip to the grocery store followed by a neighbourhood walk. Sister had been visiting a friend and said friend was to now go for a ride with Mommy. So, of course, Nikki Dee also wanted to go for a ride. I tried to put her off because my tour of duty for the day and week was near its glorious end.

Well, a traumatic meltdown began to ensue, so I quickly, very quickly, relented and assured her that we could go for a little ride.

Let’s face it, the kid has Buppa wrapped around her little finger, and she quickly asserted that it was to be a “Big ride.”

Off we went with the assertions and corrections continuing; every time that I managed to say, “Little ride,” I was quickly corrected.

Having set the scene, the Wrapped Buppa was shortly thereafter asked for music, and of course he complied.

When the CD ended, I looked for another one and mistakenly started the Christmas CD, which was still in one of the slots. It was the Boney M CD, and she immediately requested Jingle Bells.

Memory told me that it was either track 4 or 5, so I started track 4. Click the play button to sample what we began to hear (note: it’s only a few seconds long but flash player is required — most people (90%) have this universal add-on installed on their computers).

Keep in mind that she hasn’t heard the piece for almost three months, but by the time that much was played, she was busy informing Buppa that it was the wrong piece. Huh? Sounds okay to me, but she was right. Here’s how the intro to Jingle Bells goes.

Although I can hear the difference when I pay attention, I certainly couldn’t tell right away that I was on the wrong song, but she could. How a not-quite-four-year-old would spot the difference so immediately is beyond me.

Smarter than the average Buppa, I tell you.

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5 Responses to Smarter Than the Average Buppa

  1. Bernie says:

    She sounds delightful and so did your music, really matches the weather here today. I am longing for a walk and an ice cream cone……eventually! ….:-)Hugs

  2. Ruth says:

    She has a good musical ear and memory and will do well with lessons. I hope to see the full moon tonight but we experiencing heavy cloud cover even though The Weather Network says it is clear.

  3. Diana says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t hear the difference! Come on Buppa, get with it! Just think, before you know it she’ll be talking you into teaching her to drive, HeHeHeHe…….
    (EVIL GRIN) ! Love Di ♥

  4. She is Incredibly smart because Buppa is!! All MY grandkids are Also incredibly intelligent because I Am……Hahahaaa…..well, I suppose you can see where This is heading….LOL
    Happy warming up Ac!

  5. Lorna says:

    As the often-challenged grandmother of four seldom-denied kids, I claim some kind of humanity award. Trauma is avoided on both sides. Seems honourable and compassionate to me.

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