When You’re 64

We celebrated the beginning of the old girl’s 65th year yesterday, which means that it was her 64th birthday for those who have trouble with that way of framing the concept.

Blessedly, it was also our day off work, so we wondered how should we celebrate the event.

Well, although the week has been chilly, with temperatures remaining below freezing for the most part, it was also been sunny. As long as one is behind glass, it was a rather pleasant day for a drive.

So that’s what we did — headed almost an hour into the rural region to the west of us for our annual, sometimes semi-annual trip, to Wheelers Pancake House and Sugar Camp. You recall that we have previously been to the closer Temple’s Sugar Camp, but Lanark County styles itself as the Maple Sugar Capital of Ontario, so we saps tend to run to various sugar camps when the other sap is running from the trees.

You’re welcome to join us vicariously.


Trip to Wheelers

At one point I pulled over. Was that a magnificent raptor of prey in the trees? Nope: just a turkey. I didn't know that turkeys bothered to sit in trees.


Trip to Wheelers

After shooting the turkey, so to speak, I turned to take a picture of the road on which we had been travelling. Not a lot of snow remains but not much life is stirring either. I actually brightened the bush to the left because it looked so gloomy.


Trip to Wheelers

Surprisingly and despite what one might think from looking at this photo, we weren't alone on this cold Friday. The place was being enjoyed by many and will be fairly busting at the seams this weekend.


Trip to Wheelers

The birthday girl. Yes, I will still love you, need you and feed you when you're 64, not just because you're dishy but because you're you.


Trip to Wheelers

I took this photo upon leaving. It's quite an impressive structure, built by the owner from trees on the property. It remains a family operated business.


Just as I finished taking the picture, someone said hello. It was fellow blogger, Mary G, who had just returned from Arizona the day before. Serendipity (or is it more like synchronicity?) strikes again as in our last trip into the country (last fall), we also stumbled across Mary in a cheese shop.

We continued to do pleasant things for the remainder of the day. From Wheelers we visited the Nature Lover’s Bookstore in Lanark village. Later, we headed into Ottawa to see Barney’s Version, a Canadian film based upon a novel of the same title by renown Canadian author, Mordecai Richler.

Although we both had our doubts for the first half, the film turned out to be quit poignant. I won’t spoil the plot because I think it’s better if you don’t know where it’s heading. Being a Canadian release, I don’t suppose that it will get much play in the USA, but if you can ever track it down on DVD, I think you might like it.

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10 Responses to When You’re 64

  1. Sue says:

    Happy birthday belatedly to Cuppa! What a lovely post, and what great pictures (as ever) 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    I love relaxing days like that. Just wandering around. The restaurant looked very cozy and inviting. I hope Cuppa had a Happy Birthday, looks like she did!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Ruth says:

    That is a Turkey Vulture in the tree, not a turkey, although Wild Turkeys do roost in trees. Turkey Vultures are just returning…a sure sign of spring even if the temperatures are too cold. Happy Birthday Cuppa!

  4. garnetrose says:

    I am celebrating that day to day and everyone is working so we are planning a day of dinner and a movie when we are all off. I love days just chillin’ with the family though. Looks like you all had a great time.

  5. Hilary says:

    Lovely place.

    Happy birthday to a very young-looking Cuppa.

    I also think it’s a turkey vulture.

  6. June Kellum says:

    Oh, my! I certainly enjoyed your birthday outing with Cuppa!

    That looks like such a cool place to spend time together!

    Happy Birthday to your girl! 🙂


  7. Linda Fraser says:

    The setting is so welcoming. The area around Ottawa is so picturesque, and I am so jealous!! I am anxious to visit Ottawa, soon. Cuppa looks so beautiful. Happy Birthday,
    dear Cuppa. Thank you for sharing this celebration, AC. =D

  8. Bernie says:

    Happy Birthday Cupa, ’47 was a good year…..you look wonderful and it seems like you had a lovely day with the love of your life…….wishing you many more….:-)Hugs

  9. Happy Late Birthday to Cuppa!
    I’ve been out of pocket lately but am now trying to catch up…
    Love the photos…Glad the snow is almost gone!

  10. Grenville T Boyd says:

    Happy Belated BDay Cuppa. I’m sure AC got the numbers in your age backwards. 46 seems more like it.
    We just wish the Sap would run here, and not just the politicians!!!! 🙂

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