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And the Fence Came Tumbling Down

… in the Evening (to the tune of Joshua Fit the Battle of Jerico — note:  it was really the afternoon, but it just doesn’t scan) It’s Thursday morning as I begin to write this. Blessedly, Thesha took a sick … Continue reading

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Different Kinds of Cute

I posted a few shots of Thesha’s crocuses earlier. Ours come later, but the weather hasn’t given me many photo ops. Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to capture these sweet things before they completely faded and withered. Speaking of … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans

Odd times is the name of the game these days. Last weekend we were supposed to visit inlaws who live several hours east of us. We hadn’t seen them for more than six months, so it was time. But a … Continue reading

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Socking it to Ya

The other day, Nikki Dee became quite concerned as she regarded my twisted sock. Being the kind of gal that she is, she insisted on helping me a dress (get it?) the problem toute de suite. Unfortunately, the sock thing … Continue reading

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No Slacking

When I posted this link to the Washington Post article about the role of women in the Abrahamic religions, I suffered a brain cramp — the seventy-fifth thousandth of the past week — which was quite an improvement over the previous … Continue reading

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Party Pics

Another birthday has come and gone but must now be properly memorialized with myriad snaps of the proceedings.                          

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Four Years Old!!

It’s a little girl’s birthday today, a milestone that part of me grieves, for I regret seeing the passing of such an adorable stage. Having been a dad, I know how quickly childhood flies by, so this birthday has a … Continue reading

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