A Continuation …

… from the Sink and the Paper Cup aka That Sinking Feeling

Once upon a time, an AC was mumbling (as it were) on his blog about sinks and paper cups and things.

Would you believe it was just yesterday and that he now wishes to pick up the thread (in a mixed metaphorish kind of way)?

Actually, I want to advance to the point when Cuppa and I were out walking after my discovery of the marvellous paper cup solution earlier that day. As we walked, I commended her for her ingenuity and praised her for her natural problem-solving/mechanical abilities.

I then opined that she should have taken shop courses in school while I should have been taking secretarial courses. That is to say that our respective aptitudes might, at least to some degree, lie in those two areas.

But there’s much more to it than that. Isn’t there?

There’s also attitude and interest to factor into the deal.

Although Cuppa might have been able to become a great plumber, she would have had to get herself dirty. And, oh those poor nails! She simply wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

And let me tell you that a guy named AC would almost certainly not have enjoyed being a bookkeeper/secretary type of person. Unless perhaps whilst typing letters I could be given a free hand at editing and/or instructing those who wrote them on the finer points of grammar and usage (which I often disdain by choice on this blog — to wit: the sentence fragment that is this sentence).

Interests don’t always align perfectly with the outlets for which we have the greatest aptitude. It’s fortuitous when there is some overlap between attitude and aptitude, but in either case it takes work to become proficient at whatever job or hobby to which our interests lead us.

After all, a wise man once declared that success is  5% inspiration and 95% perspiration. Or was it Dr Phil?

To be continued? Maybe.


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7 Responses to A Continuation …

  1. Mara says:

    Dr Phil is a clever man, so if he says it is, it probably is (the 5% and 95% thing you were talking about).
    Of course you could always “apply” yourself a bit more (I hate it when people say that)

  2. Mr Edison was more of a genius than I…….and since hubby and I are making our retirement plans (5yrs….Hahaaa) we could use a good secretary/mechanic team!Lol
    Happy weekend!

  3. So, AC, is that a contradiction – a wise man or Dr Phil? Seriously though (why?) I did like your comparisons of life choices – whys and why nots – and actualy do believe Dr Phil provides a useful outlet for many folks.

  4. Ginnie says:

    Whatever your background and interests were they surely are serving you well in the “Grandpa” part of your life. You can see the love and adoration that your two little ones give you in each picture that you take.
    Pay the plumber…you don’t need to go there !

  5. Diana says:

    I don’t mind trying new things but for some reason, plumbing has always scared me a bit! Love Di ♥

  6. Lorna says:

    I think that you are really showing your skill at enhancing relationships. People love the people they love to think they’re smart. Add a compliment about nails and you can probably walk through the kitchen in your wellies a couple of times, no hassle.

  7. Bernie says:

    So very true, it does take a lot of work to perfect a skill but sometimes – somethings just come naturally……:-)Hugs

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