The Ins and Outs of Spring

Spring is arriving in fits and starts in this neck of the woods with a fine day here but several less than scintillating ones there. Our out time is interspersed with a lot of in time.

Spring has Sprung

When I arrived for my tour of duty the other day, I found Amma and Nikki Dee reading out on the deck.


Spring has Sprung

When Amma left the girl had her first seasonal ride on the bike.


Spring has Sprung

The first ride is an event to be greatly appreciated.


Crazy Getup

But some days are not so fine, so Zach confined his riding to indoors. The toque and boots went well with the jammies.


Reading Together

Since, it's not so fine out, let's read together, Little Brother.


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8 Responses to The Ins and Outs of Spring

  1. Is That SUN I See??? Wow! Been awhile since thats happened! I think I’m confused on Tours of Duty…Does Cuppa sit part of the day and you sit the rest or do you take different days at it? Or…has MY brain “gone to seed”???Hahaaaaa
    Happy sitting Ac! Wonderful photos!

  2. Jinksy says:

    Can’t deny the boy has a unique sense of style! LOL

  3. Dimple says:

    This looks like “tag-team” baby sitting of the grandkids. Must be fun!

    Thanks for visiting my spring collage, I got a good laugh from your comment!

  4. Hilary says:

    Adorable. And I just noticed how much Nikki Dee looks like her grandmother.

  5. Lorna says:

    the indoor photo brought back many memories of strange playing combos—bathing suit, hockey helmet, runners, or pyjamas, black plastic (captain ) hook, wings or Sarah, naked with high heels and my dad’s uniform cap. Actually, that one would have been scary if she hadn’t been about 15 months old.

  6. Kila says:

    Yes, getting the bikes out again is a big deal! I don’t think my boys ever put theirs away this past winter, LOL. They mentioned riding them last month.

  7. Bernie says:

    I am happy to see you are having some sunny days. We had a blizzard on Thursday but even though the wind was cold today the sun was shining and I loved every moment of it even though it only went to plus four. Suppose to have a wonderful sunny week this week, gosh AC I hope so, I’d like to clean the snow off my deck. It is still too hard.
    Hilary thought Nikki Dee looked like cuppa and I thought she looks much like you. Oh well we all see different looks don’t we……:-)Hugs

  8. Diana says:

    Our spring has been much the same here AC. It’s here but rain one minute and dry the next. Very hard to make plans! So good to see some sunshine your way. Before you know it, both grands will be riding outside in the sunshine!
    Love Di ♥

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