Four Years Old!!

It’s a little girl’s birthday today, a milestone that part of me grieves, for I regret seeing the passing of such an adorable stage. Having been a dad, I know how quickly childhood flies by, so this birthday has a touch of bittersweet as they are wont to say, whoever they are.

We had the party and gift-opening on the weekend, but today is the actual birthday day seems to me to be a good time for a bit of a photographic retrospective. All photos were taken on or very close to her various birthdays.

Just Born

The actual birth/natal day.


First Birthday

First Birthday


Second Birthday

Second Birthday


Third Birthday

Third Birthday


Fourth Brthday

Fourth Brthday


Fourth Birthday Card

Birthday card from Amma and Buppa


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11 Responses to Four Years Old!!

  1. Ruth says:

    Happy birthday to your princess! She is growing fast but in my opinion, 4 to 7 year olds are really the most insightful, honest and interesting people around. I do love this age group.

  2. Happy Birthday to the Little Princess!! She’s Wonderful Ac….
    Enjoy the day!!

  3. Hilary says:

    Awww her face has scarcely changed over the years and she was born with all that beautiful hair. Lovely photos, one and all. She’s such a sweetie and I agree with Ruth that the next few years are fun ones (though my personal favourites is from 18 months to 4 years). They’re all great in their own way.. even those difficult teen years. 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your little sweetie.

  4. KGMom says:

    Oh Ac–this post makes me quite emotional. First, it means your little princess IS growing up–you know and rue that.
    Second, it means I have been reading your blog for more than 4 years, as I recall your Smudge posts.
    Third, it underscores my own deep yearning for that FIRST grandchild. Sigh.

    I envy you your great joy–but you do most definitely deserve it.

  5. judy says:

    Wow. You have been a grandparent for FOUR years.
    Happy Birthday to your girl!

  6. QMM says:

    Happy Birthday to your princess. She is indeed beautiful and all the photos are perfect. I love the one with the hat one. I share your feelings of knowing they are growing up and out. We are waiting for great grands now. They got a puppy instead.

  7. Diana says:

    Oh AC I love the third birthday photo, what a great picture. They were all very good. And you’re right, the birthdays do seem to fly by don’t they. Aw crap you’re gonna make me cry! Happy Birthday to sweet Nikki Dee!! Love Di ♥

  8. Mary G says:

    What a beautiful girl – and great photos. Congrats, grandfather! Mine is going to turn eight next month. But there is an upside since we can do so much more together and enjoy each other in different ways. She’s my last grandkid, though, and losing the baby and toddler is a wrench.

  9. Mary says:

    Happiest of Happy Birthdays to sweet Nikki-Dee! Loved looking at those pics, Juncle. She’s too cute. Hopefully we can make some time over the summer for a visit…or two!! Benjo and I are free in June! Let’s make it happen. We miss you guys.

    Love to you all.

  10. It’s clear to see that this little girl is the apple of her grandpa’s eye. Happy 4th Birthday to Nikki Dee!

  11. Dimple says:

    Beautiful shots; I think the one with the hat is the absolute best!

    Thanks for the visit and the comment. I appreciate the input, and can see your point about the framework on the right. However, I cropped the original extremely, and did not find a way to remove all the distracting information. The result is not perfect, but I like it none-the-less.

    May you find joy in your family, and blessings to you on the upcoming Feast of Firstfruits/Resurrection Day.

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