Different Kinds of Cute

I posted a few shots of Thesha’s crocuses earlier. Ours come later, but the weather hasn’t given me many photo ops. Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to capture these sweet things before they completely faded and withered.

Fading Crocuses

Speaking of sweet things, when I went out with my camera to take the crocus picture, our neighbour asked me to take a photo of this cute, neighbourhood girl with the purple hair. So I did.

Purple Haired Neighybour Girl


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6 Responses to Different Kinds of Cute

  1. Love the blooms and they seem to resonate with you purple haired friend!Hahaa…cute!

  2. Ginger says:

    What a great picture of the kids! You certainly captured a moment worth pondering and smiling about.

  3. Lori says:

    Since spring has not really sprung here yet(it snowed here yesterday) I really appreciate the flowers…the little girl is absolutely beautiful…her eyes are gorgeous…what a gem you are for capturing her.

  4. Doris says:

    Love the purple hair! I guess 61 is too old to put electric blue streaks in mine eh? NOW I get radical!

  5. Regenia says:

    The purple of the flowers could not be more striking and beautiful! I think the picture would make a great bookmark or note card.

  6. Diana says:

    Oh how cute, the kid and the flower!
    Love Di ♥

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