Weekend Plans

The Ottawa Tulip Festival begins this weekend, with the sad reality that there are few tulips to be seen. Just like humans, the tulips have been reluctant to poke their heads out into the the rain and cold of this spring. But, since it’s really a spring festival and since the weather promises to be very very fine this weekend, the event will go ahead. Besides, the festivities go on for several weeks, and there will soon be tulips aplenty, just as in these two photos from two years ago.

Tulip Festival

My flower amongst the flowers


Tulip Festival

So purdy


It really a spring festival with lots of events other than gazing at pretty flower beds for weeks on end. There are lectures, concerts, displays, cookouts and whatnots. Unfortunately, Cuppa and I will have to pass on the inaugural Tulip Ball this year. At only $250 per person, we would like to attend and take several of our friends with us, but our own garden awaits. With the weather looking good for the weekend, it’s time to get out and do some preparatory work, even if it’s a wee bit early to do any planting. We have done some cleanup already, but there’s more work to be done.

Actually, I shouldn’t be blogging about the festival at all because we really have had little to do with it over the years, but it’s a way to let my legion of avid followers know that the old guy is still kicking. When I say legion of followers, I do mourn the fact that so many bloggers have left this medium in favor of Facebook and the like. Don’t get me wrong: I’m also on Facebook, but it’s hardly a replacement for taking a few minutes every week to post something with just a bit of substance — unlike this post. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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9 Responses to Weekend Plans

  1. Mara says:

    I love that photo at tulip height, so pretty!
    $250 per person? That’s a steal! I would go in an instant! Provided I were to win the lottery first…

    I am on facebook, but I only use it to play bingo. Other than that I prefer blogging, I think there’s more interaction in the blog world.

  2. Ginger says:

    Thank you, AC. You provoked me to take the time to write some ideas that had been pinging in my head, rather than just dropping a FB status and getting back to work!

  3. judy says:

    I prefer blogging also. Although lately I have too much to say that cannot be said.
    Lovely picture of your beautiful Cuppa!

  4. I hear ‘ya about FB…I also have an acct but along with a few friends, I like to follow Photography blogs… I will Never leave blogging for FB…That place is SO fickle!Lol

    LOVE the tulip shots Ac!! Gorgeous! As is your Fair Maid-den….Hahaaa
    Whatever you DO do, just have fun!

  5. Ginnie says:

    To my way of thinking Facebook is not for the creative writer. I find it incredibly boring. I guess the major function of finding long lost acquaintances is exciting for a lot of people but once that’s been accomplished I’d prefer to switch to email to keep up with them. FB lacks privacy and is way too invasive for my taste. I’ve gone to functions and then found that my picture was taken while I was there and the next thing I know it’s plastered on someone’s FB page. I never gave permission for that.
    On my blog I try to be creative and to use discretion and NEVER write about anyone or any circumstance without getting permission first … unless, of course, it is in the public domain.
    Whew … I didn’t mean to write a book … you hit a sore spot, AC.

  6. Ruth says:

    Daffodils are just starting to bloom here..mine are not even out yet so the tulip festival may be disappointing. You never know what can happen in a few warm days. I agree that blogging has taken a back seat to Facebook for many. Facebook is an easier way to keep up with my family so my blogging focus is not as newsy as it used to be.

  7. Hi AC, such lovely flowers including your prize one. WHAT, no tulip ball at $250/person – that’s one we would miss too, even if we had the $. No tulips in bloom at the F&P aside from a single plant that came and went, but lots happening in the wildflower gardens and new blooms by this coming week.

    Can’t imagine WHY folks would leave the blog world for FB unless it’s just too hard for them to sit and write more than a sentence or two. Funny that never seems to happen with us. In fact we enjoy having our own website to rant, rave, carry on, post photos BUT most of all have interaction with so many folks, like yourself. Of course, sometimes blogging takes a back seat to other things, like house and yard projects, but we never lack for subject matter. Always get a chuckly when some bloggers lament there’s “nothing to write about” cause it’s all around. OK end of my rant…or is it?

  8. Dimple says:

    It has been a long, cold spring here in Idaho, too, but the flowers are beginning to brave the weather. Yesterday was rather nice!

    I also have a Facebook account, and I do use it to keep up with family, but blogging is a different medium. I have become acquainted with people world wide through blogging, but that is not what generally happens on FB.

    I hope you enjoy the tulip festival, even with few tulips!

  9. Kila says:

    How beautiful. I don’t think there are many tulips on Florida. We’d have to put the bulbs in the refrigerator.

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