We have been trying to improve our side of the diminutive lawn that we share with our neighbours, but it’s not easy. The boys, who used to rent the place next door and who liked to park on the lawn or what was once a lawn, are dearly departed, leaving behind ruts and bareness. I’m can’t say that I pine for their, but the new renters bring their own troublesome proclivities.


This shows both the condition of the lawn as well as the proliferation of butts in one small area (my foot is there to indicate scale).

They’re smokers: smokers who, apparently, can’t bother to find themselves a proper place to butt out when they’re done. Nope: their solution is to fling em.

Sigh. Of all of the houses on the street, why are we the only adjacent to an absentee landlord? I’m sure there are many wonderful renters in the world, as we once were, but can’t the guy screen his clients just a little bit? Is that too much to ask?

I think the butt-tossers deserve a prodigious kick in their butts — so to speak.

Moving on …

Here’s a garden conundrum. Who planted those tulips (below)? I sure can’t remember doing it, and if I had, I can hardly fathom that I would plant such a wild hodgepodge. I would be more likely to choose one or two colours carefully and not have five colours (some just coming into bloom)  and two styles of tulips — single and double.


Doubles, singles, reds, two shades of orange, yellow, with lavender/purple coming.

Perhaps I did it during a feverish illness — that I also can’t recall having.

The guy who used to own the place next door, before the renters came, did have a horrid mishmash of tulips that I quite detested. I thought I had eradicated them all last year and had dug up all of the old bulbs, but I have to think that I might have missed a few. Or maybe Gary came back to play a joke on me when he was feeling frisky in the middle of the night. Naw: Gary was last frisky in 1959 and and hasn’t told a joke for going on two-and-a-half decades.

Is someone out to get me? Is the universe trying to teach me something? If so, the universe should give up because I think I have learned my lessons rather well, and if I haven’t, I’m too old to clue into abstruse hints such as these. I’ll have to start calling it the looneyverse if this sort of nonsense continues.

If I don’t end up in the looney bin first, that is.

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11 Responses to Looneyness

  1. Mara says:

    I think tulips wander. They certainly seem to do so over on this side of the pond. I think so anyway. Mind you, I like a hodgepodge of a garden (as shown by the garden I have).

    Perhaps you should offer your neighbours an ashtray of some sort! Like a bucket, so they won’t miss…

  2. Neighbors can be such a both, especially inconsiderate ones like the ones you’vs described. Have you considered a talk with the renters or the landlord, AC? As for the stray tulips, we’ve had it happen with daffodils and day lillies, wanna trade?

  3. Diana says:

    About the butts, when Jake and I smoked, he would also fling them around the yard and driveway. Perhaps he thought “It’s my property I will do what I wish.”. That was until I got all over his butt as I was the one to pick them up! I was so angry, yes I smoked too but there was no need to fling them everywhere. So I took a few clay pots filled with sand and placed them in several spots about the yard. End of problem! Now Jake has been smoke free for almost six months and it’s been four weeks today for me. I dumped all of the pots last week!
    Strange about the tulips, but I think they are pretty. Most likely you missed a few when digging them up. I wish I could loan you some of my squirrels, they are masters at digging up bulbs!! Love Di ♥

  4. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this…but I rather like the colors of the tulips. But I’m in TX where color of Any kind is gorgeous, if you can find it.

  5. Bernie says:

    The tulips look nice AC, but then I love any flower I see. I don’t have many around as I don’t have much of a yard. I have been away and I have missed the kids. Hope all are well…….:-)Hugs

  6. Lori says:

    Since I love tulips I happen to like the assorted colors…maybe you could introduce yourselves in a “friendly” manner to your new neighbors…lol…and bring a house warming gift for them, such as giant ashtray or a big pot for their butts…even though I used to smoke, butts, along with any other garbage on the ground is a pet peeve of mine…if you have little one’s at your house like you do, you don’t want them picking them up and playing with the butt’s like my little’s tend to do…sometimes people just need a reminder that what they do does affect those around them.

    Happy weekend!

  7. QMM says:

    Guess you don’t use Blogger any more or you would have been ranting like the rest of us. I guess I would rather have the puter problems than the butt problem. I love the different colored tulips, especially amoung the stones.

  8. QMM says:

    oops Mr. A/C, among. Sorry teach.

  9. Ginnie says:

    I like the tulip “hodgepodge”, AC. … it’s the cigarette butts that would test my last nerve. I agree with Lori about talking to the renters. Maybe even a humorous type of ashtray would defuse the situation.

  10. Mary G says:

    Sqirrels, probably. They dig up bulbs and hide them elsewhere, such as your garden. For the smokers, get a few old cans, throw some sand into them and set them in a row near where the butts appear. A big hint.

  11. Ruth says:

    I would talk to these young men and perhaps offer them an outdoor ash tray too. We live on a corner lot and get our share of butts and bottles, especially on summer nights. I like your tulip garden.

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