Wedding Tales

While we don’t have wedding horror stories from 1969 that will get us on Oprah or Dr Phil, we do have a few tales to tell.

Let us begin with the photo of the wedding party, the only colour photo that we have (I think) — the only paid-for photo although all of the amateur snaps were in colour (go figga). Once you’ve appreciated the female side (the bride was wearing the customary white), have a gander at the males and tell me what you see.

Our Wedding

Did you see that the groom was wearing a different tie than the others? Did you see that the best man’s pants were a trifle short?

Well then … what a schmozzle was had that morning (the wedding was at 11 o’clock) when we tried to get into our tuxes! Jim (on the far right) couldn’t do his pants up; they were the right length but too tight. So, he traded with Ron (best man to my left) who could get them done up. Except Ron’s legs were longer and the result looked like he was preparing for a flood.

Also, all of the ties were supposed to be typical bow ties but somebody (not me) was given a different style. I decided to take it since it made sense for the three attendants to be similarly attired and it was acceptable for me to be unique.

If you now please, cast your glance below. After oohing and aahing over the handsome couple, take a close look at our wedding cake.

Our Wedding

Have you ever seen such a cockeyed looking cake with the middle layer larger than the bottom tier?

The bottom two layers were fake; only the top tier was real. And the fake tiers were attached together in that order and couldn’t be reversed. The cake wasn’t seen until the rehearsal on the previous evening when it was too late to go back to the bakery and throw a hissy fit. So, we just had to go with it.

I can’t say that either of us were overly distraught over these issues. I guess we’ll never have Oprah or Phil try to make it all better by sending us to Hawaii, Fiji … or even downtown Ottawa for a hamburger.

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9 Responses to Wedding Tales

  1. Ruth says:

    I would not have noticed your irregularities, but then I hardly ever notice what people wear unless it is outrageous. The happy faces tell the true story of this day.

  2. QMM says:

    For sure the happy faces tell the tale. All those little schmoos make the day even more memorable. Who would have thought that years later the little schmoos would entertain all of us on a rainy, gloomy day for me in Ky. Did you have enough cake to go around with one little tier?

  3. Well, everything “looked” great! That cake though….Hahaaa…Cuppa is one sweet chick Not to have been upset over That!!

  4. Bernie says:

    I’m still smiling over the “changing of the pants” and being ready for a flood. So funny. I think everyone looks great and cuppa looks so beautiful……:-)Hugs

  5. Hilary says:

    I’m glad neither of you were distraught over these things because they’re not overly worrisome. They just add to the flavour of the day. And speaking of which, I’d have sent you for the burgers. 😉

  6. Lorna says:

    That is just lovable! Let me buy you guys a burger (or better, two burgers) in Ottawa to celebrate that

  7. Dimple says:

    The snafus are what make the day unique, and bring a laugh to so many all these years later. Thanks for the giggles!

  8. KGMom says:

    A wedding without such goof ups would be NOT so memorable. With the goof ups–totally memorable. My husband’s and my particular memory is that it began snowing at 10 am on our wedding day, with the wedding at 8 pm. It snowed ALL day, and half our guests didn’t make it.

    I do note in the photo you included that Cuppa appears NOT to have changed a whit (except for an …ahem… lightening of hair), whilst you–AC friend–have altered a tad.

  9. Philip says:

    I guess I just march to a different drummer. I thought at first your were trying to draw our attention to the pine trees in the background. Nice planting, about 10 years old!
    I guess the faux pas in the dress of the dudes would have just passed me by.

    You do have courage to post old pictures of yourself. I am not sure I would.

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