About the Ticket

Alrighty then, let’s discuss that miserable parking ticket that I mentioned a few posts ago.

The scene: AC pulls off the busy main street of Niagara on the Lake and sees an empty space. He pulls up to it, and over the top of the van in front, he sees a parking sign: P surrounded by green — green as in it’s okay to park here. So, I did. You can see the car and the sign, below.


What I couldn’t see at the time from the drivers side was that there was fine print. Here is what it said.
That’s right, I missed it. I don’t know why it never occurred to two otherwise, law-abiding, semi-bright people to not run up to the sign with their magnifying glasses. But they didn’t.

The sign says to put money in the meter. Please go back to the top picture. Do you see a meter? I sure don’t see a meter.


So, my penalty for not taking my lawyer along to read the fine print and for not seeing an invisible meter is to pay the poor town of Niagara on the Lake $25 for two hours of parking.

Poor. Are you kidding? You’ve seen some of the shops and restaurants in previous photos. Here’s a private residence right on main street. Poor. Pfft!

Dear Niagara on the Lake:

You are a nice, little town, but this seems like a miserable, money-grubbing sort of trap designed to subsidize your revenue on the backs of well-intentioned tourists. It should be made easy, as in plain sight, to obey the law and not be made difficult by fine print and hidden meters. I guarantee you that I am a pretty doggone, law-abiding sort of guy. So this really rankles. Not that you care, I suppose.

Sincerely, AC

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13 Responses to About the Ticket

  1. …I ain’t saying NUFFIN!!!!Hahaaaa…..

  2. mary g says:

    Tourists – sheep for the fleecing. A similar nasty trap has been set up by the City of Ottawa beside the Centrepoint medical building. One tiny machine, no signs, and, I am convinced, several cops hiding behind the trees waiting for a sucker.

  3. Ginger says:

    Excellent rant, AC. EXCELLENT. And well documented, to boot. I think the town owes you at least a refund and a snowglobe featuring a Victorian mansion and a label that says “Niagara on the Lake.” Yup.

  4. Lorna says:

    My response pales and withers beside Ginger’s. And let me know if you get a snow globe.

  5. Mara says:

    A colleague had always told me that when I was in Berlin (Germany), I could park my coach everywhere for free. Leave it to me to find the only place in the whole city where you had to pay. And I never saw the meters! However, if I had payed, I would have payed more than the fine (30 euros as opposed to 25). My boss payed for me…

  6. AC, so I re-read that sign and it almost seems that the meters were located elsewhere (sense?) and that you paid and put the purchased ticket on the window…huh? And if you DO send a notice to the Town of Niagra, do update us on any response cause you know we will be waiting to hear more . . .

  7. Hilary says:

    Email them and link to this blog post…

  8. daffy says:

    Oh they are greedy feckers! Can you not appeal. We were once given a ticket as our sticky ticket had fallen off the window and we appealed. Give it a go.

  9. Ruth says:

    Downtown Toronto has the same system, except the parking ticket I got on College St was $60. There are 1-2 kiosks per block where you buy your windshield ticket.

  10. Ginnie says:

    Well, all I can say is that if you weren’t a good law-abiding citizen (which I’m sure you are) you probably would have gotten away with it. It always seems that the good guy comes in last.

  11. Kila says:

    Bummer. Did you ever find the meter?

  12. Mary says:

    AC, I think you should definitely write or phone and protest. I saw no parking meter. Tell them that you put the money in the imaginary meter and put the imaginary ticket on your dashboard and ask them to prove otherwise. LOL

    Hope you beat it.

  13. I once paid $42 for a parking spot on top of the three bucks I’d already paid, or thought I’d paid, but hadn’t gotten the fine points of placing an insubstantial Kleenex of a receipt on my dashboard. I call it a Geezer tax.

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