At Last

With Cuppa not feeling perky for the past number of weeks, it’s certainly been a long time since we had Nikki Dee for a sleepover. We finally remedied that unfortunate situation on the weekend although when she woke us up before six o’clock on Saturday morning, I may have wished that we had waited for another week or two. Let me put it this way: she’s a ball of energy, and I am not.


We picked her and her backpack up from Daycare and took her home for supper.


After supper she opined that it would be nice to have ice cream for dessert. Having none in the house, we walked hand-in-hand to the store and back.


We sat in the front porch to eat our ice cream.


Of course the girl ate her cone in ever such a dainty and ladylike way. Sure she did.


Then it was time to water our plants.

She does make a body tired, but she’s worth it.

Oh … while on the topic of Nikki Dee, here is another recent picture.



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12 Responses to At Last

  1. Ginnie says:

    Wonderful pictures AC. She is one contented and happy little girl and so much of that is a direct link to you and Cuppa. Nice to see.

  2. Bernie says:

    She is adorable and I am watching her grow up through your blog. Time is going so fast, I am glad you are enjoying her so much at each age…..:-)Hugs

  3. Bernie says:

    She is adorable and I am watching her grow up through your blog. Time is going so fast, I am glad you are enjoying her so much at each age…..:-)Hugs

    It is not letting me post my comment, will try one more time, xo

  4. judy says:

    I hear you.
    How am I EVER going to deal with a new one? I do not know. But I am SOOO excited to find out!
    It’s ALWAYS worth it!

  5. Ahhhh! Such a pretty Girl! I remember being SO tired but when they look at you with those big beautiful eyes…you just CAN’T say no!Hahaaa…..
    And Yes!!! You Should have “swum” for it…Hahahaaa…(I had coffee up my nose after reading that!!!!Hahahaaa) The sonuts were GOOD!

  6. grrrrrrr…..the DONUTS……

  7. Certainly an engaging ball of energy and that last photo os a great portrait, AC> Hope that Cuppa is feeling better shortly. Just imagine if you had both grandkids over the weekend!

  8. Lorna says:

    sweet girl—tats and all.

  9. Mary says:

    AC, beautiful photos of ND. I especially like the last one.

    Sorry to hear Cuppa hasn’t been feeling well. I hope she’s back on her feet soon.


  10. Mary G says:

    Love the ice cream shots. I’ve now had Little Stuff, first in Ottawa and then out here, for eight nights. And I’m wiped. But it’s worth it, yes, truly worth it. What would I do without a kid who declares my laundry/ sewing room to be ‘a disaster area’, hmm?

  11. June Kellum says:

    AC-It was good catching up with you a little bit today. I’m happy to see you had a very nice visit with your little Nikki Dee! She’s such a sweet looking little girl and I know she is fun to have around!

    Take care and enjoy every day!


  12. Sue says:

    Lovely photos! It must be wonderful to have your grandchildren living close enough for regular sleepovers – despite the early wake-up calls!

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