Of Haircuts and Gene Pools

“Hory clap! Mom has gone and dunnit agin. Cut my hair, I mean. Remember how cute it usta be?”

Faces of a Two-Year Old Zach

Before the haircut: in his god-given splendor.

That ↑ was before haircut #1 ↓.


The first shearing.

But that was nothing compared to haircut #2. ↓


Oh my! Shorn again!

What the heck was the girl, aka his mother, aka my daughter, thinkin?

And did you see those cowlicks? The hairdresser says that he has two rather grievous ones. Actually, I think I see four. Whatever the number, it makes me truly afraid of what the Good Mother’s next step might entail. Perhaps hair today, gone tomorrow?

And that my dear friends also brings me to my puzzlement over gene pools, as in “Where did my DNA thingies get to?”

What I mean is that Nikki Dee has the squarish head shape of her daddy who in turn resembles his mother, Nikki Dee’s grand-mère. Now that we can see Zach’s head sans his crown of golden locks, it is plain that the shape of his noggin resembles the elongated one of his Francophone grand-père — as opposed to the more classic design of his much beloved Waspish grandfather (he said modestly).

This is all well and good. I mean to say that the kids are pretty good lookin and all, but it begins to make me wonder, “What the heck happened to Cuppa and AC’s DNA? Where did it go?” I mean to say, “What is the point of ever having sex if all dem good genes go AWOL after one measly generation?” (I’m sure there was another point to sex, except as I age, I begin to forget what it might have been.)

Ah well, considering how rapidly both my brain and body are deteriorating, perhaps it’s all for the best if my double helix gets nixed.

Whatever! I’m going to go now and grieve for the dilutification of my genes from the pool of life.


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13 Responses to Of Haircuts and Gene Pools

  1. Ginger says:

    Heh-heh. Funny how that haircut thing takes a kid from “baby” to “boy.” Cowlicks & all.

  2. Lorna says:

    I love that cut! And I mourn your loss.

  3. Ginnie says:

    You missed something, AC. Both of the kiddies have your wonderful expressive eyes!

  4. Mary G says:

    I dunno, AC. If I were looking at you and Zach was one of a group of kids, I would pick him for yours. As Ginnie says, the eyes. Both of the grandkids have a look of you – I don’t see much of Cuppa, however.
    My two girls are very different in looks, so much so that, when I took the two of them somewhere as children, people would identify them as ‘your daughter and her friend’. JG and I got one dominant gene set each. But my granddaughter doesn’t look like her mother at all but seems to me to be a mix of my mother and her father’s mother – yet people say they see a resemblance to me.
    Bottom line is that you have a handsome pair of descendants there and that Zack looks as if he will never have to resort to mousse to achieve teenaged hairstyles.

  5. KGMom says:

    Here’s a cowlick proof do–a nice little mohawk. Kids look cute in them; teens look…weird.
    Oh, fuss fuss on the genes. Not to worry–it’s the grandfatherly influence that counts.

  6. He Looks Wonderful!!! I loved his cute little curls, but Now, he’s so…Handsome! Maybe if you took off the San Francisco T-Shirt and replaced it with a Dallas Cowboy one, things would look much different in the morning!Humph!Hahahaaa….
    Oh, and I hear it’s like falling off a horse……..Hahahaaa
    Fun post!

  7. Mary says:

    AC, I agree. The kids have your eyes…both of them. So your genes did get thrown into the pool.

    Brandon has several cowlicks. The cure? Brush cut. He loves them and can’t tolerate his hair more than an inch long even in winter and in summer he keeps it buzzed off so there is just a little hair covering his scalp.

    Hope Cuppa is feeling better.


  8. Ruth says:

    My four brothers got the summer buzz cut every year with our dad’s home barber set. Zach is still awfully cute and I think Nikki Dee looks very much like you.

  9. what a difference some snips can make in Zach’s looks – he seems to have done an age progression as well. And to be sure your and Cuppa’s genes are in both grandkids – if not physically then mentally…maybe both

  10. Bernie says:

    He looks so cute….Justin Bieber like. I’m sure your DNA will show up somewhere, may take the next generation…..lol
    Big hugs to all your family…..:-)

  11. QMM says:

    I agree with Bernie that DNA will come out one day more than you want, perhaps. BTW on your comment about Cuppa’s cup collection. I thought you called her Cuppa because she was your Cuppa tea.

  12. June Kellum says:

    LOL- Well, whoever the kiddies look like they are cute…and Z. looks just as cute with short hair as long hair-IMHO

  13. Doris says:

    Hi AC: I think Nikki Dee looks very much like you. As for the loss of Zach’s locks – I miss them. 😦

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